Jay-Z on CNN: From Baller to the Boardroom

Jay-Z on CNN: From Baller to the Boardroom

Mad props to one of my favorite icons in hip-hop and business mogul...Jay-Z!  I have been influenced a lot more from him that just his music.  I admit, I may even have a few RocaWear shirts and jeans in my wardrobe. Fact is, taking what you love to do, what comes natural to you can become a highly profitable business.

I don't think Jay-Z is out of the ordinary.  He was just willing to do what most will not.  He brought the hustle learned in the street, cleaned it up and learned the etiquette of the business world.  Can anyone say "ka-ching, ka-ching"?

I see him focus his attention on his vision then match his decisions to get him closer to attaining it.  Doesn't seem that the Great Recession is hurting him much. 

Watch this short interview of him on CNN...pretty intriguing.

I like what he says here about not looking for "endorsements" but rather "partnerships".  The wonderful thing in this present economy is that more people and businesses have been humbled.  They are now looking to create such partnerships.

I give Jay-Z a big hi-5, Money Smart pat-on-the-back...he deserves his props.  Glad Beyonce provides that extra motivation too...LOL!


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  • I like that he stand by keep creative control of himself. I love that he has decided he is not for sell. You can partner with me for growth, but I am not for sale partner. Say that J.

  • In reply to NappyMuseTV:

    Correction: "stands by keeping..." (my typing, smh)

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