Stop Taking the #icebucketchallenge

With every new Facebook or Instagram video of people dumping ice on themselves for the #icebucketchallenge, I have become increasingly uncomfortable. I just couldn’t put my finger on why. Until now. At first I thought it might be ego. Having spent the last 20 years working to help ideas that matter break through the clutter,... Read more »

Game Changing Brand Insights: Part I

It’s Summer in Chicago, and yet there are large groups of people whose skin glows translucent from weeks spent largely indoors.  These happy (but sallow) men and women are the driven entrepreneurs who participate in some of our city’s accelerator programs.  They’re preparing for the Fall season of Demo Days, when investors returning from their... Read more »

Stop Making Friends and Go Find Your People

How many friends do you have? Who cares. The more important question is: Who are your people? Knowing who your people are is how you make the world your home. When that happens, then the universe conspires to help you get what you want. That’s why it matters. So how do we know when we... Read more »

Chicago Needs to Play Its Trump Card

These letters have struck a nerve so raw that even our Mayor is standing up to The Donald on this one. “It’s in very poor taste and scars what is otherwise an architecturally accomplished building,” said Emanuel. Jon Stewart also weighed in with a full segment covering the conflict on The Daily Show this week.... Read more »

Sexism In Tech: A New Diagnosis

        Yeah, it was bad. The invitation heard round the world, or at least all over Chicago, swept through our city like the disease that it was. An invitation to the Black Plague, I mean Black Tie Rave fundraiser held by TechWeek depicted photos of scantily clad women mugging for the camera... Read more »

Maya Angelou Was Wrong

Last week the world lost something precious. It lost a voice, a song, a truth and a conscience that was the life of Maya Angelou. As the public is now wont to do when someone who matters dies, tweets and posts were written with favorite Angelou quotes. I joined in the fray as well. I... Read more »

Big Data and Better Decisions

It’s not often that I apologize.  This isn’t because I actually believe that I’m always right.  Rather, I think I acquired a male gene that gives me a kind of punch and move approach to life.  I make decisions and say what’s on my mind quickly and often, and assume that whatever the outcome, I’ll... Read more »


The first thought out of my marketer’s brain after watching the recently gone viral video “Look Up”, a spoken word piece lamenting the use of technology and the absence of human connection, was that it should be a hashtag. Imagine it trending with posts from people inspired to share the moments in their day in... Read more »

You Didn’t Take It To the Hoop, NBA

The judgment was swift and sweeping. “Banned for life” has a nice ring to it. The decision probably made a lot of people at the NBA feel like they stood up for the values of the Association, and assured that they won fans not only on their basketball courts, but also in the ever-present court... Read more »

Don’t Be a Fred

I recently went on a rant on Facebook about a Wall Street Journal article which suggested that all it takes to participate in an endurance race is some high tech gear (read the full article here). The idea that you can buy your way to a finish line of any kind is not only offensive... Read more »