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My guilty pleasure doesn't make me feel a bit f*cking guilty

This month’s Blogapalooza challenge? Defend your guilty pleasure. WITH GUILT FREE PLEASURE, MOTHERFUCKERS! First I want to ask you to tell me your favorite color. Actually, don’t. Because I don’t give a shit what your favorite color is, but that’s not because I don’t care about you. I care a lot about you as a... Read more »

Got election day jitters? Some things YOU can do while patiently waiting to see if your guy wins

“The waaa aaaating is the hardest part!” Tom Petty Hells yeah it is! Patience is a virtue. It’s hard to embrace this virtue on election day.Tensions are high and with good reason, electing our leaders is a big deal. Stressfuckingful, right? The waiting! Today we as a nation will elect a man who we hope... Read more »

How to be a worry free mom

There are some days when it’s just not easy to be at home with kids. And before some nit-picky, angry, lunatic skips to the comment section to ask me why I had kids if I was just going to complain about them, let me take a moment to say to that person, “Fuck you,” and... Read more »