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Does forced intimacy make a difference? The aftermath of Red & Company's 30 day sex challenge

My colleague, Tara, did a 30 day sex challenge that intrigued me. She committed to having sex with her husband every day for 30 days – in a row you read that right – in order to increase their intimacy. Clever girl! You can read about it HERE. Tara is the ginger-riffic writer of the... Read more »

How NOT to be a lame-wad

See that photo? See it? Do you? BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING AWESOME and so is the blog post, read it. You’ll love it! My friend Tara, a fellow blogger here at Chicagonow posted it yesterday with the caption, “Front and center – BOO YA!” I cackled and giggled and clapped my hands. I actually clapped my... Read more »