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10K Training - A Truly Scary Story

Liars can fib about just about anything and everything, but they can’t be dishonest about whether or not they have actually trained for a run, especially in the light of day when they are at the actual starting line in the blistering hot sun, two seconds away from starting a race. I am a poet,... Read more »

How I got PTSD from watching reality T.V.

I had to look up “Go-go juice” on Google. Everybody was talking about Honey Boo Boo and her Go-go juice. I was curious. Sweet Jesus! That’s some janky jack up juice right there, huh? I should have remembered that thing about curiosity killing the cat and what not. I almost had a grabber reading about... Read more »

No Pain, No Gain

Do you have to be depressed to be funny? Do trauma and sadness make people more creative? When my son was five years old, he loved making up stories and drawing pictures to go with them. The problem was that his little hand couldn’t keep up with his busy mind, and he couldn’t spell for... Read more »