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How to do girl's night out right

How to do girl's night out right
A couple of years ago, I told my friend D about Donna’s Cancer Story. I encouraged him to read it. D told me that he just could not read it. At the time, his son Q was only two years old. “It’s too upsetting,” he claimed, “I just don’t think I can take it.” I... Read more »

Don't feel guilty about letting your children watch television

When I used to watch the children’s television show Barney (purple singing dinosaur) with my son, I silently predicted which of the singing, dancing, overacting, attention whore kids was most likely to have a future career in porn. When I watched The Wiggles with him, I often fantasized about making sweet wiggles with Anthony, the... Read more »

The Winner's Circle

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO MADE ME LAUGH UNTIL I CRIED. Your participation in response to my blog post, was much appreciated! I can’t even tell you how much I laughed and I can’t stress how completely and totally impossible it would have been for me to decide the winners on my own, so thank... Read more »

Sources say it's Donna Day - The facts about getting the facts straight when it comes to funding for pediatric cancer research

One of these girls is not like the other. Donna Atia There was a time when they were very much alike, so very much. But cancer changed that. Today, Atia is alive and cancer free (YOU GO ATIA! KEEP LIVING BABY!). I desperately wish I could say the same about Donna. Donna died in 2009,... Read more »

Can anger be used for good? This potty mouth mom says YES!

Kenny Chesney. His voice is like buttah. He could sing a song about how much he likes to slowly dismember puppies and kittens with rusty safety scissors and it would still make my heart squishy and my lady parts tingly. But that’s not what this blog is about. Last night when I was driving home... Read more »

St. Baldrick's is at is again with Girl's night out!

Cancer is the biggest douche bag ever. I’m serious. It’s totes an opportunistic prick. I don’t know anyone who disagrees. If cancer were a cereal, it would be ass flakes. If cancer were a plant, it would be a hybrid poison ivy type of thing that smells worse than egg farts poofed through a dog... Read more »