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What do mental illness and porn have in common?

Are you normal? Is anyone? Does normal even exist? The answer is yes. The answer is also no. There is a range of normalishness. And so, with this wide range of what qualifies as normal, is there really such thing as mental illness? The answer to that question is yes! Mental illness exists, but the... Read more »

What you can do when you can't help a mentally ill parent

When someone you love suffers from mental illness and they won’t get help, it can be frustrating and terrifying. You might feel helpless or angry. There is no wrong way to think or feel, but there is a right way to act. There is no shortage of potential topics to write about for Mental Health... Read more »

Three things you need to know and understand about Mental Illness

Whoo Hoo! It’s mental health awareness week and I’m going to tell you three things you need to fucking KNOW about mental illness and make sure you lucky bastards who are reading this know what the hell mental illness is. Short and to the point; Let me blow your fucking mind. I hope you will... Read more »