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Why does the media ignore mental health? Because they suck!

Dear all television, radio and print media organizations, I’d like to congratulate you on your awesome coverage of mental health topics and regular efforts to educate people about mental illness and mental-well being. Just kidding. Stop ignoring mental illness. Sure, you address mental health topics when there’s potential for ratings based on some terrible thing... Read more »

Five things you need to know and understand about how f*&ing complex mental illness can be

Yesterday I communicated the Three things you need to know and understand about f*&king mental illness . Mental illness is real, treatable, and complex. I promised to talk more about the complex part today. I keep my promises. I’m here to tell you five important things that you need to know and understand about how... Read more »

Three things you need to know and understand about Mental Illness

Whoo Hoo! It’s mental health awareness week and I’m going to tell you three things you need to fucking KNOW about mental illness and make sure you lucky bastards who are reading this know what the hell mental illness is. Short and to the point; Let me blow your fucking mind. I hope you will... Read more »

Let there be light and helpers

I was going to quit and I hadn’t even finished my master’s degree. I have made a huge mistake, I thought to myself, driving home from what is still in the top ten worst days of my life. The receptionist smiled and directed me to the office where I would be interviewed. I was finished... Read more »

A Spoonful of Hyperbole helps the guilt go away

The photo below is proof that I should try harder to accept the reality that I can no longer go without wearing an over the shoulder boulder holder when I go out in public. It’s a good thing my chubby tummy made a nice shelf for my boobies, because it was raining and I wasn’t... Read more »