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Talking shit

I love talking shit. And by talking shit, I mean the Urban Dictionary definition #1. Just bullshitting around with words and saying crap that you don’t really mean. OMG I love it. I love talking shit that makes no sense. However, definition #2, I don’t like as much. Insulting someone. Like last night, I was... Read more »

You deserve a f*cking break today (even if a nasty norovirus isn't trying to kill you)!

I read "The Book Thief. " If you haven't read it, you fucking need to right fucking now. I put life before books and put it off. My priorities were screwed up.  Never again.
Due to an overwhelming need to be less overwhelmed, I recently embraced a period of inertia. Of course this period was, in part, brought to me by a raging norovirus that shredded my digestive system. What is norovirus? Thanks Dr. Deena! I was like this for days.  Totally “shredding viral particles.” I laughed so hard... Read more »

Fact checking and Facebook - A mostly true rant about the pleasures and pitfalls of social networking

“The problem with the internet is that 54.67% of what you read is not totally true, but 54.23% is true and of that true-ness, only 45.9% is slightly true.”  Mother Theresa of Calcutta If you have taken even the most basic statistics class, you know that finding accurate statistics to support a hypothesis isn’t as... Read more »

Holly-wisdom: Parenting under the influence of celebrity

“Hmmmm….good relationship advice for me tends to be honest and knowing yourself. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be mean. Don’t take shit. Don’t settle. “ Actress Kristen Stewart (on relationships) While sitting in a waiting room, I read the above quote by Kristen Stewart in an interview she did for Glamour magazine.  This wisdom got me thinking pretty... Read more »