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Early Christmas shopping at Bass Pro Shop

I'm exercising my first amendment right to remind a motherfucker that nobody wants to infringe on your rights. But personally, I just don't want my kid's brains blown out while they are learning their ABC's, yo, so whatever. This is not on my list. NO.
My husband wanted to have dinner at Bass Pro Shop for Father’s Day. YEAH! He is a wonderful dad and deserves to be celebrated with fudge and fish  and general tomfoolery. These things abound at Bass Pro Shop, because Bass Pro Shop has a gift shop! The place gives me the happy, nervous, funny feels,... Read more »

How to be a worry free mom

There are some days when it’s just not easy to be at home with kids. And before some nit-picky, angry, lunatic skips to the comment section to ask me why I had kids if I was just going to complain about them, let me take a moment to say to that person, “Fuck you,” and... Read more »