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10K Training - A Truly Scary Story

Liars can fib about just about anything and everything, but they can’t be dishonest about whether or not they have actually trained for a run, especially in the light of day when they are at the actual starting line in the blistering hot sun, two seconds away from starting a race. I am a poet,... Read more »

Nikki's ZOOMA 10K Training Journal - Entry #1

Today’s 10K training run was inspired by the vocal stylings of Donna Quirke Hornik singing her amazing version of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Yep. Running to honor the memory of Donna and to raise money for Donna’s Good Things, a charity started by her parents to honor her life and to help kids with cancer.  More... Read more »

ZOOMA Women's Race Series Chicago 2013 - Nikki's couch to 10K adventure

I used to run no less than 20 miles per week. During this time, I also smoked no less than a pack of cigarettes a day. I remember finishing a long run through and plunking down in the sunshine with a smoke and a coke. Weird. Eventually I quit smoking. And running. I miss both... Read more »