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Welcome to the Good Moms Club

Calling all moms – Specifically those of you who have been campaigning for the position of President of the Bad Moms Club. Good moms can stay and read too, but really is there such thing as a good mom? From what I can see, the whole lot of us suck. First of all, I just... Read more »

Bronco, Mittens, Politics and Parenting - Why grown ups need to stop acting like children

I agree with Abigael. Seriously. I am so tired of all the political shit talking and dumbfuckery, it makes me want to cry too! And although there are no tears at casa de Knepper, I have one freaked out little girl on my hands with regard to Bronco Bamma and Mittens. Cate – MOOOOOOM! Who... Read more »

Taking one for the team

  This my son on his “genetically engineered flying pony” with his Benny the Bull mask. Weirdo. I was snuggled up with a good book and the dog when he demanded the moment be captured for all eternity, so I got up and took a pic. Total weirdo, right? But I love him. He knows... Read more »