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Bullying Sucks: How NOT to be a mean a*&hole

Goddamn I fucking love guest blogs, especially when they are written by people who are as passionate about a subject as the guest blogger I am lucky to introduce today. Sure, some bullies are also victims of bullying and learn that shit from bully parents or siblings, but reasons aren’t excuses. Bullying is a huge... Read more »

I am on Team Bullied

I am on Team Bullied. I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Chicago now blogger community. When I started blogging on Chicago now, I had been flying solo on a different host site, feeling lost in a sea of ignorance and frustration. I stumbled into the blogger world and was miserable. I... Read more »

Mommy Blogger? I've been called worse.

Why didn’t you post a blog on Mother’s Day? I received emails and messages asking why I didn’t post on the day of all days for the Mom Blogger. And a few messages apologized for calling me a “Mommy Blogger.” WHAT THE WHAT? I’ve been called a lot of things that I don’t like, but... Read more »

DAMMIT, I'm different.

Weaning from the bottle or binky, sleep training and potty training; pffffth….simple! Fielding questions about vaginas, boobs and wieners, how babies are made and whether or not Santa and the Easter Bunny are real; these are just a few of the things that are easier than the dreaded yet inevitable discussion I had with my... Read more »

Make sure your kids know that Monsters ARE real

One time I was at a birthday party and a girl there was loudly making fun of what this other girl at the party was wearing. Technically this trash mouthed girl is a GROWN WOMAN talking badly about another GROWN WOMAN in the presence of young children, all of who heard every rude and cruel... Read more »