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Can't or won't stop? Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill?

Yesterday, while the world was a flutter reacting to Miley Cyrus’s shocking VMA performance, my “Uh-oh” alarm was Uh-oh-ing, ALL DAY LONG! Instead of being angry or shocked, I was concerned that, like she sings in her latest song, she WON’T STOP, because she CAN’T STOP. Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill? If, and that’s a... Read more »

A Spoonful of Hyperbole helps the guilt go away

The photo below is proof that I should try harder to accept the reality that I can no longer go without wearing an over the shoulder boulder holder when I go out in public. It’s a good thing my chubby tummy made a nice shelf for my boobies, because it was raining and I wasn’t... Read more »

Sometimes Moms just get pooped!

My dog sleep pooped the other night. I can’t be sure because I didn’t see it happen, but the vet DID say that she is a reactive pooper so maybe she was reacting to a dream. Whatever this means to my dog is less important in some ways to what it has come to mean... Read more »