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There is NO excuse for abuse. #abuseisabuseisabuse

“A reason is an explanation given to an event or series of events. An excuse is intended to lessen liability, accountability, or responsibility. Choose which one of these is acceptable in your life.” Kelly Rudolph There is NEVER an excuse for abuse. Ever. Abuse is abuse is abuse. I recently posted a link to the... Read more »

World Mental Health Day 2016: Psychological First Aid

Today is World Mental Health Day. One day? Yes, ONE. One day CAN matter. If we call would just take ONE DAY to raise awareness about mental health issues, we could all reach ONE person and that ONE person might be THE person who needed to talk about mental health issues. This year’s World Mental... Read more »

The Danger of Disappearing into Motherhood

There was a time when I felt like I was disappearing into motherhood, like I had zero individual identity aside from whatever was happening that involved my offspring. Actually, I felt like I was disappearing in general. Everything was terrible. EV-ERY-THI-I-ING. I barely recognized myself – not just my face, but my thoughts. I didn’t... Read more »

Boundaries are NOT bullsh*t

If you gathered my past and present clients in a room and asked them to tell you something I never shut the fuck up about, I’m 99% sure they would all say, “OMG, BOUNDARIES!” And, “Sometimes I want to shove that boundaries bullseye bullshit down her throat.” The thing is, they know and I know... Read more »

Making space for Mindfulness

Sometimes the days are just motherfuckers and it’s good to make space for mindfulness so that my emotions don’t bring out my inner asshole, raining irritable vibes at the people I love. I hate it when that happens, so I try to keep it from happening with… You guessed it! Mindfulness, Motherfuckers! But how does... Read more »

Practice what you preach

I am a mental health professional and part of what I do is to teach people coping skills and other healthy shit about communication and self care. I try to practice what I preach, which I do, unless I don’t. Sometimes I make a conscious choice to choose poor coping skills because healthy coping skills... Read more »

If something doesn't make you feel good, stop fucking doing it

A close friend recently told me that she missed my words, that they made her feel good. She asked me why I stopped writing. I told her that I didn’t stop writing. I stopped sharing, because sharing stopped making me feel good. The reasons are complicated, but the decision to stop sharing was simple, compassionate,... Read more »

What I know about parenting a teenager because I remember what it felt like to be a teenager being parented

Now that I am the parent of a teenager, I find that I am spending a lot of time trying not to be an asshole in response to some of the asshole things he does. Just when I hit my stride and feel like I “get” my kids, they change and their needs change and... Read more »

Another post about lice because OMG fuck lice!

A descendant of American Revolution Heroes tweeted this to me today. I got itchy because FUCK LICE! It’s so awful in every fucking way that just thinking about when my family had to deal with the blood sucking bastards makes my sympathetic nervous system go ape shit. APE SHIT I SAY! Here is the tweet.... Read more »

Seeing the other side: The lovers and the haters of The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ChicagoNow blogger community has started a new thing called This Blogger Life, sort of like This American Life, but with blogging. Our community managers give us a theme and we can choose to write about it. Or not. Last week, the theme was Taking a Break, and since I was still healing from my... Read more »