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How to LISTEN #BlackLivesMatter

Last week, during a session, a client thanked me for being a good listener. A GOOD LISTENER! Wow. I closed the door and cried a little afterward. There is nothing more important to me than being a good listener. NOTHING. After almost two decades of being a therapist, where listening is THE most important part... Read more »

How to start a blog

I receive many query emails from readers asking me how to start a blog. Depending on my mood, I either delete them without replying, or I reply with what I realize seems like a brief, somewhat curt message. I tell people to type “How to start a blog,” into whatever search engine they use and... Read more »

Seeing the other side: The lovers and the haters of The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ChicagoNow blogger community has started a new thing called This Blogger Life, sort of like This American Life, but with blogging. Our community managers give us a theme and we can choose to write about it. Or not. Last week, the theme was Taking a Break, and since I was still healing from my... Read more »

It's back to school time, assholes!

It’s that time of year again – back to school! And with back to school comes the inevitable bitching and bitches – and bastards and motherfuckers and also nice people and joy and freedom and blah, blah – but today I just want to focus on the assholes. Dear sweet parents, we can be awesome... Read more »

You will always be wrong, and that's all right, because everything is going to be all right

You will always be wrong, and that’s all right. I’m sad that Robin Williams died from depression. That’s how he died you know, from depression. Depression manifests itself differently in each host human, much like cancer or any other disease. It’s a chronic, progressive condition. It can be treated, yes, but even when it’s well... Read more »

Please tell me this stuff happens in your house too

Please go brush your teeth! Me I lost my toothbrush. Her Wait. What? Lost? How is that even possible? Me I think I lost it at camp. Her You have been back from camp for two weeks. Me I know. And my teeth are really starting to feel super gross. Her So you are telling... Read more »

Ladies, you need to STOP feeling me up!

Lyletta, the author of the ChicagoNow hosted blog, I Hate My Developer, taught me never to touch a black girl’s hair. EVER. She’s also helped me become more of a bad ass in terms of setting boundaries and saying NO to things instead of feeling like I owe people a YES. Lyletta is good with boundaries... Read more »

Make this Father's Day one you will not regret

A good friend of mine will be spending Father’s Day with her dad for the last time. He is dying. She recently asked me if I had any regrets or if I would have done anything different during my father’s last days. I was happy to tell her that I wouldn’t have done a goddamn... Read more »

Don't you DARE call my breakfast white trash! Food racism - is this even a thing?

Food racism. Is that even a thing? You know, sort of like how some people say that Throw Back Thursday, when people post old pictures, isn’t a real thing. I don’t know! I do know that I posted this photo on Facebook Scrambled eggs and fried hot dogs! And a friend made a comment about... Read more »

Why does the media ignore mental health? Because they suck!

Dear all television, radio and print media organizations, I’d like to congratulate you on your awesome coverage of mental health topics and regular efforts to educate people about mental illness and mental-well being. Just kidding. Stop ignoring mental illness. Sure, you address mental health topics when there’s potential for ratings based on some terrible thing... Read more »