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Complicated Grief

Yesterday, I shared the article, You Went to a Funeral and Then You Went Home , on my Facebook page. I received an email about it this morning that prompted me to end my mental health month series with a quick post about Complicated Grief. A blurb from M. “So I did read that you... Read more »

Mental Health Month: Mental Illness, Music and Mood

I love mental health month. It is putting me in a better mood than usual, because I love talking about mental health! I’m in the mood to write about MOOD. I want you to understand the difference between normal moods and a mood disorder AND why it’s super important that you do. Hip-hip, hooray for... Read more »

Parenting 101: Mind your own business (and then blog about it later)

Do you typically mind your own business? When you are presented with an opportunity to give unsolicited advice or information about raising kids to other parents, do you resist? Something we should all learn in Parenting 101 is to mind our own fucking business. Is it hard for you? Me too. If it’s hard for... Read more »

The vaccine debate: Are you a passionate advocate or an unintentional jerk?

I’d like to wax philosophical about why people do and say things that, despite their best intentions, unintentionally result in making them sound more like passionate jerks instead of passionate advocates. Am I describing you? I AM describing myself. Want to wax with me, Jerk? I’d love it if you would and I’d love it... Read more »

It's called Facebook, not Fetishbook!

Sometimes I feel like I’m too weird and twisted, but then I quickly remind myself that I’m actually quite averagely weird and twisted in the overall weird and twistedness in the world. I mean, sheesh, I have no fetishes, dangerous compulsions, obsessions or unreasonable phobias, aside from my fear of feet, which is not so... Read more »

What does your Christmas tree says about you?

You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their Christmas tree. At least that’s what I think. When I visit a new friend’s house for the first time during the holiday season, I look very closely at their Christmas tree. Of course that’s after I scour the bookshelves, take a quick peek in... Read more »

Baby Boomers, bullsh*t, buffoons, and you: A blog about the reality of aging in America today

Consider for a moment, a staggering reality; for the next 17 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach 65 every single day. Of course this is only an estimate, because although lifespans are considerably longer than they were 100 years ago, and we are also cramming in 100 times more environmental toxins, processed foods and hours... Read more »

Nikki's ZOOMA 10K Training Journal - Entry #1

Today’s 10K training run was inspired by the vocal stylings of Donna Quirke Hornik singing her amazing version of Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes. Yep. Running to honor the memory of Donna and to raise money for Donna’s Good Things, a charity started by her parents to honor her life and to help kids with cancer.  More... Read more »

Hunger-free Summer Program - Take action to fight child hunger

I ask that you simply watch and share this video so that there will be one less hungry kid this summer, all because you did something as easy as clicking a button. Hungry kids are everywhere. This is an easy way to help them. This IS the best way to harness the power of the... Read more »

Sources say it's Donna Day - The facts about getting the facts straight when it comes to funding for pediatric cancer research

One of these girls is not like the other. Donna Atia There was a time when they were very much alike, so very much. But cancer changed that. Today, Atia is alive and cancer free (YOU GO ATIA! KEEP LIVING BABY!). I desperately wish I could say the same about Donna. Donna died in 2009,... Read more »