Just when I thought I knew a lot of things, I learned that ducks have corkscrew penises

My son knows stuff. He still loads the dishwasher WRONG WRONG WRONG, but he knows stuff. Stuff about ducks. Stuff about duck dicks.

Don’t feed the ducks any funnel cake! They might get the diarrhea! - Me

Ducks always sling mud because they have weak sphincter. Their poo is always soft serve. – Zach

Ugh. Disgusting. How do you know this? – Me

I read a lot. – Zach

About duck sphincters? – Me

You want to know something else? Male ducks have enormous corkscrew wangs. – Zach

NO WAY! – Me

WAY! And girl ducks have zig zag maze vaginas. – Zach

NO! – Me

YES! Lady ducks have tricky, twisty and turny hoo-has. Male ducks are basically rapists with giant pile driver peen, so female duck vag evolved to thwart ‘em. – Zach

Did you just use the word “thwart?” – Me

It means… - Zach

I know what the word means! I just…I don’t know! I’m still trying to process this information about duck bits and then you talk like a character from middle earth. Thwart. Pfffthhh! - Me

Well, drink it in, all of it, because it’s true. Quackers got some crazy bits. – Zach

How do you know all this stuff? I had NO idea about this duck dick business. – Me

I told you. I read a lot. – Zach

You should see if you can find anything to read about not sucking at loading the dishwasher, because you suck at it. - Me

Duck genitalia info link HERE

duck penis

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