Early Christmas shopping at Bass Pro Shop

My husband wanted to have dinner at Bass Pro Shop for Father's Day. YEAH! He is a wonderful dad and deserves to be celebrated with fudge and fish  and general tomfoolery. These things abound at Bass Pro Shop, because Bass Pro Shop has a gift shop! The place gives me the happy, nervous, funny feels, but really there really IS something for everyone at this joint, and by someone, I mean me, which made me think of the next holiday I give a shit about - Christmas! Me want things! I am making my Christmas list. Here are some ideas for you, and by you, I mean YOU.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but seriously, Bass Pro Shop should pay me for giving them some buzz, even if it's in the form of a slightly mocking blog post/Christmas list, because Jesus on a pogo stick, how can a person not mock? HOW? And just for the record? I am pro-meat and gloriously gifted with a glock, so take your boo hoo, stop bullying rednecks, whining somewhere else. This isn't a political post. It is pure fuckery and begging. Sheesh...doesn't everyone do their Christmas shopping in June, and by everyone, I mean you. Get me sumpfin?


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