Mental Health Month: Mindfulness and a Handy Dandy Notebook (Ding!)

Do you have a notebook handy? If not, get one. You don’t need a crisp, new, fancy thing either. You can take a half used leftover from a pile of old school supplies or even put together a bunch of scrap paper. You are going to need a handy-dandy notebook if you want to learn how to improve your mental health by being mindful. Go get you a handy-dandy notebook.


notebook stever

For the rest of this month – Mental Health Month – I will be encouraging you to write stuff down and increase your ability to be mindful.

Mindful? Yes.

You? Yes you.

Writing? Yes writing.

I want you to dooowit.


Notebook. Doowit.


Here is what mine looks like.

my notebook

Our daily thoughts and thought processes affect our mental health. Man, that’s an understatement. Are you going to put together that handy-dandy notebook or what?


When I have an interpersonal interaction that confuses me, stresses me out and makes me wonder if my thinking or behavior is a manifestation of my mental health issues, I write about it in my notebook. Because, as Carl Jung so wisely stated…


Sometimes, when I’m aware that I’m feeling some uncomfortable, negative, bitter, confusing feels before, during and after an interpersonal interaction, I try very hard to consider what might be going on inside my own wonky mind. I do this by writing stuff down in my handy-dandy notebook.


What’s MY deal?

I write stuff down in order to figure it out.

Is it me or is it "Mavis?" Or both? Mindfulness!

Is it me or is it "Mavis?" Or both? Mindfulness!

Being aware of my own shit is the key to keeping my interpersonal interactions positive and healthy, despite whatever whacked out nonsense I have going on in my life. ADHD, mild anxiety and depression are reasons for some of my weird thoughts and behavior, but having these issues does not give me an excuse to be an asshole.

Being aware of my own shit helps me project less of my own dysfunctional nonsense onto others. It’s hard work to think this way, to take responsibility, to be mindful. That is why I used my handy-dandy notebook.


SERIOUSLY – go get you a notebook.

Do you ever suspect that strange interactions or festering thoughts about someone or something might be a sign that something is wrong with they way one of you is thinking?

Do you find yourself feeing drained and negative before, during and after most interpersonal interactions but have no idea why or what happened to make you feel this way?

If this describes you, it’s a good idea to start paying attention to the way you interact with others. Relationships are important and there is nothing more important in life than having strong, healthy, supportive relationships. If you don’t have many or any strong, healthy, supportive relationships, I encourage you to think about your role in all your relationships. I encourage you to write about it in your handy-dandy notebook.


What are the thoughts and behaviors you typical use when interacting with others?


Your internal dialogue can be quite telling.


What are you thinking, feeling? What's going on physically?


But Nikki, I don’t know how to write! I caaaaaaaan’t write. I’m not a writer!

There is no wrong way to write your own brain droppings in your handy-dandy notebook. Scribble, draw, and write down words, phrases, song lyrics, and half-cocked thoughts about the universe and rants about those horrible trans-vaginal mesh injury commercials in your handy-dandy notebook.


And you need to get yourself a handy, dandy NOTEBOOK!

No matter how you write, it will be RIGHT. There is no wrong way to write.

Being mindful is simply being present and aware – paying attention to the moment you are in and being right there, right then, that’s all. It’s not easy. It’s a skill that takes time to learn and use. A handy-dandy notebook can help you get started.

Mental health month isn’t just about mental illness, people! Mental health month is about all things mental health! No matter who you are or what you do, relationships are a part of your life. Being mindful of how your thoughts and behaviors influence these relationships is one of the best ways to build, heal and strengthen these relationships.

So go get chu a handy-dandy notebook. Write in that bitch. Doowit.

Click HERE and visit the Flavorwire site to see some of the pages from the handy-dandy notebooks of famous people. Marilyn Monroe's is Fascinating!

There is no right way to write in your handy-dandy NOTEBOOK!

There is no right way to write in your handy-dandy NOTEBOOK!

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