Saying that Jenny McCarthy is responsible for the anti-vaccine movement is a stupid as saying that vaccines cause autism

When you think of Jenny McCarthy as the chick who stripped down for Playboy, it’s easy to rip on her for her outspoken views and opinions about autism. Because what the hell does a chick that became famous for burping on MTV know about a complex neurobiological condition like autism?

She probably knows a lot more than some of you reading this right now, a lot less than others, and a whole lot less than the hundreds of board certified medical professionals with decades of experience studying and treating autism spectrum disorders. She knows enough that she's built herself an identity as a spokesperson for an organization that educates people about autism, and this has made her a target for some serious blame and hatred as of late.

So what you say? Who fucking cares?

I do.

Because saying that Jenny McCarthy is responsible for the anti-vaccine movement is as stupid as saying that vaccines cause autism. It’s a gross generalization, based on a miniscule bit of truth, a truth that is a complex as it is simple. It's stupid and wrong and doesn't help anyone. Isn't our time better spent trying to work together for the autism community instead of fighting and being dicksnots about it?

I think so. Because dicksnot is disgusting.

From the get to, I have vehemently disagreed with McCarthy’s stance on vaccines, but my difference of opinion didn’t affect how I felt about her as an entertainer. I have read a few of her books. I especially liked her last one – Bad Habits. I, too, am a recovering religious person. She's clever and goofy, well-spoken, and by all accounts very generous with her time, treasure and talents. I like her. If she writes a book about aging gracefully despite the pull of gravity on her vagina, I'd buy that book and laugh my old, saggy vagina off.


Delicious cupcake vagina image via Womens9
I don't think those are teeth there. I think they are just little stray skin flaps. Hard to say though, as it's a cupcake. But I digress….

Anyway, I've always found it easy to ignore anything she says with regard to autism, because from what little I learned through the news media regarding her views, they did not jibe with what I knew to be true. I am not, have never been, and never will be, the least bit interested in what she has to say about autism aside from hearing how much she loves her child, who happens to have autism. I believe that she and the thousands and thousands of others who blame vaccines for their kid’s autism are wrong. I disagree 187.59% with the anti-vaccine movement (and that is a whole other blog that I will probably never write, because why fucking bother? I'm not a doctor and this isn't my area of expertise. Period.).

There is no one thing that causes autism. Saying that vaccines are responsible is irresponsible, because it isn't true.

Jenny and I have a lot in common. We are both loud, crass potty-mouthed blonde blogger chicks who lack any sort of boundaries and decency when it comes to all things related to bodily functions and blowjobs. We are both passionate advocates for causes we believe in. But it’s not just our passion, crass-ness and over the top and in your face-ness that makes me feel as though she needs a port in the storm amidst the latest controversy regarding her involvement in all things autism. I can't believe people are blaming her for the anti-vaccine movement. As a mom of a kid on the spectrum myself, I feel for her. I really do. The love a mother has for her child is impossible to explain. Is there anything we won't do for them?


A fellow blogger friend, Robin, had this to say about the Jenny debacle (as I like to call it) –

“If you took advice from someone famous for burping on MTV, well, then I guess you got what you paid for, didn’t you?”

That made me laugh. And it made me sad. Because it’s so fucking true!

The most trusted and respected professionals in the medical community tell us constantly, that no medical procedures, interventions or medications come without potential risk. This includes vaccinations. Vaccines, like anything else, come with risk. Yes, they contain preservatives and other yucky stuff. Yes big-pharm makes a shit-ton of money from vaccines. Blah, blah, blah.

So fucking what?

Yes, some people are harmed by vaccines, but overall, Vaccines save lives.

Am I defending Jenny McCarthy?

No. I’m not defending her, but I’m not blaming her either. As a mother who has experienced the dread and panic, not knowing what to do or who to turn to as the shit was hitting the fan when my toddler was on the express train to autism -town, I am saying that I understand her actions on some level. Passion and love make all of us crazy. Like Fox Mulder, we want to believe!

But right now, it seems that people need a scapegoat, someone to blame for the anti-vaccine movement. Jenny McCarthy is an easy target, because years ago she affixed a big ole bulls-eye to her head by choosing to be a voice and advocate for certain opinions with regard to autism! Like my friend Robin said before about listening to an actress who got famous for burping on MTV, Jenny McCarthy is one person, and it took a lot of people to perpetuate the heaps of half truths and misinformation out there today regarding vaccine safety and autism!

Sure, McCarthy is a loud and powerful voice, but choosing to listen to her is just that – a choice. She's never claimed to be an expert, she just shared her passion and beliefs. In my opinion, these beliefs and ideas were dangerous and incorrect, but she certainly didn't portray herself as anything but what she is - an entertainer, and a mother trying to find out how to find some answers. And if you blindly listened to her or any other grossly unqualified individual or organization instead of a trusted, board certified medical professional with decades and decades of experience with regard to all things autism, then you made the wrong choice.

Blame yourself. Blame the media for perpetuating half -truths and preying on our fear and emotionality for the sole purpose of selling swamp water whenever they can get away with it. Blame the medical community for falsifying research for profit. Blame them for not working harder to repair the damage the misinformation caused. Blame Canada (South Park references make everything better). Blame humanity.

Jesus, when are we going to understand just how complex all this is? When are we going to understand that the blame lies in the complexity that is our humanity? We are imperfect. We are unique. We are human. We are prone to disease and dysfunction because of that humanity. And as humans, we make mistakes. We are learning, growing, changing, living and dying.

Vaccines do not cause autism.

There is no one thing that causes autism.

Autism is a complex neurobiological condition. Countless individuals are struggling right now to cope with the physical, social, spiritual, emotional and mental challenges related to autism.

There is no one person responsible for the anti-vaccine movement.

That shit storm is a force of nature that started with a flap of a butterfly's wing somewhere, and at this point, who fucking cares who started it. It's time to stop it.

It's time to move on.

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