Hey Grammar Nazis - Your Club Sucks (and get a new name)!

Some time ago, I told you I was going to write a blog post about people who call themselves Grammar Nazis. Let me start by giving a two thumbs way up and a pat on the back to all who can properly use the words their, there, and they’re, and too, to, and two, correctly.


I’m envious of people who have a gift for what I call comma consistency, because I sure don’t. In my dreams! I have ADHD and dysgraphia. The technical aspect of writing and remaining focused on any academic task is a constant struggle for me. But enough about me, I want to talk about you, the self-titled, and seemingly proud Grammar Nazi.

Why anyone in their right minds associate themselves with the Nazis? Horrible! I mean, holy shit people, the Nazis were one of the sickest groups of dickbags in the history of time. Your identification with them is truly pathetic and it makes the whole effort to single yourself out as a superior smarty pants a big, fat, stupid failure.

Because the Nazis were very bad fucking people.

I prefer the term Grammar Police, and it seems some of you who are gifted with good grammar skills do as well. Yeah, that sounds better for sure, because the po-po are our friends, and they do good things. They keep order as they serve and protect. Yes, it’s good to have order and rules, to feel safe. Very good. I mean what would the world be like without structure and safety? Is that what you Grammar Police are trying to do? To make people with learning challenges feel safer?

Is it?

Because I do agree that the difference between

I ate Grandma.


I ate, Grandma


It would be horrible if someone thought that someone they knew ate their grandma, and called the police, and then found out that their pal wasn't a cannibal, but merely struggling with grammar, as so many people do. I suppose it would be a relief to know that grandma wasn't lunch, but still - what a damn mess.

Yes, good grammar is important. But it does seem that most self-proclaimed Grammar Police have the same agenda as the Grammar Nazis – to belittle, to mock, to bully. At least that's the way most of them present themselves. Grammar Nazis miss the point, because their point it to point out mistakes.

And that is just mean. The Grammar Nazis/Police are no better than playground bullies.


We all know what the Nazis did to people with intellectual disabilities. We all know how people with Autism, mental retardation and other developmental problems used to be treated all over the world, and not just by Nazis. Remember how they had no fucking rights? Remember how they were looked down upon and given up on and sent away to rot in institutions and jails? Remember when nobody did fucking anything to try to help, teach and encourage them?

Nowadays, we know just how much people with neurological and learning disorders can be helped with the right interventions, support and encouragement! Just locking people up and not helping them use the wonderful gifts they do have was such a goddamn waste! So fucking sad!

Public Law 94-142 changed lives. Things are getting better for all children that struggle with learning! How awesome that we now live in a world that is, for the most part, safe, civilized and now offers encouragement, assistance and protection for those who need it!

Yay! Nazis are no longer in power doing horrific things. Boo! People using the term Nazi in a way that continues to make others feel like less and thinking less of others who struggle.

Boo, Grammar Nazis! Boo on you.

We have rights, freedoms, and protections here in the good old U. S of A. One of those rights is freedom of speech, and this freedom includes the right to mock people who use poor grammar. Certainly there is a time and a place for teaching people the rules for proper grammar, encouraging them, and supporting them while they work toward overcoming their challenges. That’s the good stuff. That’s where your gift for good grammar would come in very handy. But that isn't happening nearly enough. Why spend your energy making people who make a mistake feel like they are worse than a person who murdered a newborn kitten with a spiked club.

The mocking? The mean-ness? The pride in labeling oneself as a Grammar Nazi? That's what all the cool kids are doing these days! I suppose that's why the term Nazi was chosen. The word really does have the ability to intimidate people who are just trying to have some fun and express themselves.

Personally, as an uncool adult with attention and learning challenges, I can’t see why this would be an activity that anyone would enjoy considering there are so damn many other things that are more entertaining, positive, fun, and way more fucking important to speak freely about, but okay Grammar Nazis/Police, if mocking people and looking for ways to make others feel shitty is what blows your hair back, then stay in the wind!

Let it blooooooow!

But while you are at it, be aware that your ignorance and need for superiority could be silencing a beautiful voice. Know that it probably has. Know that you have hurt someone. Intimidated them. Your dickbagness could be just enough to prevent an insecure young person with learning issues from reaching out and expressing themselves, from finding friends, realizing their gifts and following their dreams.

To those of you who DO feel intimidated and DO hold back due to your struggles, fearing that you will be judged because of your learning problems – stop holding back! Don’t fear the judgment and mockery of the tribe of jerks whose behavior says much more about them than it does about you.

Use your voice. Tell your story. Reach out. Do not give up. What you have to say is important. Say it anyway you can. There are far more of us out there who will listen, care and understand, than there are people who can’t get past your use of the oxford comma or inability to differentiate between two, to, and too.

If this ADHD – dysgraphic potty mouth PUBLISHED AUTHOR (who obviously had a damn good editor helping out) can do it, so can you. I believe in you.

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