10 things I will need if there is a zombie apocalypse

My friend and fellow author, Susan Reinhardt, has a new book coming out, Chimes from a Cracked Southern Belle. Don't let the title fool you, this is not a book about zombies or the zombie apocalypse. It is actually a work of fiction, set in the south, with rich and whack characters. Me like. I am fascinated with all things southern and especially intrigued by writers who create relatable stories that inspire me to reflect on my own life, especially if the stories don't make me crazy with worry about viral zombies eating my family. But I digress. Susan has a gift. She's funny and sensitive at the same time and that's not easy, you know? Whether she’s writing non-fiction humor or creating fictional characters for you to fall in love with, Susan makes you  think while entertaining you. Read her shit. I do. Pre-order her book by clicking the title. Susan inspired today’s blog. Thanks Susan!

The are ten things I cannot live without if there is a zombie apocalypse. Well, that's a lie. I could live without these things, but I don't want to live without them and I hope it never comes to this. But I worry. I believe a zombie apocalypse is on the horizon, because if it's not, why are there so many stories and movies about it? I think the government is trying to prepare us, but that's just my opinion. Anyway. I understand that shit'll be scarce, what with the widespread panic and fear, but there are just some things I really freaking NEED, ya know? Especially if I have to be alert and focused and on the run trying to survive.

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