Glamour, Giving and Goodness - A Girls Night Out

Although I’m practically disabled by ADHD without proper medication, I can focus long enough to help those who CAN focus by completing random tasks they request of me so that they can continue to focus on doing what I could NEVER do on my own, which is to dream up and put together a fundraising event for charity, making that event a reality and making miracles happen for those who are desperately in need of a miracle.

My help usually comes in the form of spattering the news all over the social networks I frequent, blogging and doing whatever it takes to help (as long as whatever it takes is something that I won’t fuck up as a result of my continually sort circuiting brain).

Several friends of mine have done great things for charitable organizations and even started their own! With ever fiber of my being, I admire them and feel grateful that they are among the people in the world who CAN and DO put their gifts to work in a tangible way so that others can be helped during their time of need.

I am not a very political person. At least not publically, however I do believe that we all must understand just how important we as individuals actually are when it comes to contributing to organizations that are absolutely necessary in a country where so many go without. YES WE CAN contribute, and we should! I’m not just talking about treasured cash here, people. I am talking about time and talent too!

TIME - TREASURE - TALENT! All three of these things are needed to make things happen in the world of giving. You don't have to be the laser beam focused event planner. There are roles for everyone to play and play well! BE A PART OF THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD AND STOP YER WHINING! Let's do this together, m'kay?

When asked why I don’t form my own not for profit after being told, “If I had your social media presence, I’d use it to do good,” I simply nod and agree. I should use my social media presence for good and I do! I just do well for others who have already established themselves and capable and effective leaders in the world of giving. As I clearly stated in the opening paragraph of this blog post, eloquently I might add, considering the totally lack of respect for proper punctuation and insistence on using ALL CAPS for that extra umph, there are limits to my effectiveness with regard to all things that require single minded focus.

And so, I lend my big mouth, wide reach, time, treasures and talent to the people who request this of me when I can. I am very good at following directions, can life heavy things, make phone calls, run errands, set up, clean up, and shut the hell up when it’s time for me to fade into the background and let the movers and shakers shine.

I am lending my big mouth, wide reach, time, treasures and talent to an event called, “Glamour, Giving and Goodness,” this coming Thursday in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. The organized, passionate and highly skilled and motivated Melisa Matthews, whose motivation is fueled by love for her sister, who at the age of 26 was diagnosed with Fibronectin Glomerulopothy, a rare genetic kidney disease. Doctors are unsure of what her journey will be because her diagnosis is so rare.

So if you can, join us as we have some laughs and eats during a GNO (Girls Night out for those of you who haven’t been following the three part series of posts) this Thursday evening from 6-9PM in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Click HERE for link to the event and to buy tickets. Hop over for an hour if that's all you can spare, but try to hop for the good of the greater good. Won't you?

I’ll be there signing books, with another blogger from Indy, Nicole Leigh Shaw (a contributor to one of my favorite Mom Anthologies, "I Want to Pee Alone,") but hopefully doing much, much more, as I am quite good at using my time, treasures and talents to help the focused people of the world as they play their part in changing it – one GNO at a time!

AWESOME! Check out the Facebook page too for details and updates!

AWESOME! Check out the Facebook page too for details and updates!

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