The five things I do not want for Mother's Day

My father in law (may he be resting in perfect peace) used to say that he enjoyed giving me gifts because I was so easy to please and always so grateful. It’s true. I don't want or need much and I'm perfectly content with the things that I have.  I’m not into clothes, shoes or jewelry and I’d prefer gifts of service and time, to knick-knacks any day of the week. Ah, but Mother’s Day is coming and I do so like to be celebrated and remembered, because let’s be honest – this parenting gig IS hard work and a little show appreciation goes a long way. Natalie Slater, the bad ass blogger behind Bake and Destroy, asked me to contribute my list of five things I would like as Mother’s Day gifts for a blog post. Wow, was that a fun list to make and as soon as Natalie posts the blog, I promise to post a link! But as I made my dream gift list, it was inevitable that I thought about the kind of stuff I just don’t want and if my list makes me sound like an ungrateful twat – SO BE IT!

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