Should you become a blogger?

I wish I had a had a nickel for every time somebody asked me if I think they should start blogging, and if they can make money as a blogger. If all the people who ask me this would pay me a nickel, I would probably make more money than I do as a blogger.

I answer the first question, “Do you think I should start a blog,” with a question. I ask them, “Hmmm….should you?” If that seems unfair or evasive, well, life IS unfair and I AM being evasive. A little waxing philosophical about it usually leads a person to an answer.

Tricky Nikki!

As for the second question, “Do you think I can make money blogging,” well, I laugh - HARD. Can you make money as a blogger? Well, can you win the lotto? Maybe, I mean, probably not, but if you don’t play, how will you win? Know what I’m sayin’?

So today, in response to the many emails, messages and face-to -face queries about blogging, I decided to continue my philosophizing, using wisdom from the ultimate seeker of truth and waxer or philosophy – ARISTOTLE!

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