Why gift cards really are the perfect gift for teachers

Cate      I am SOOOO excited to buy Mrs. S a Christmas gift.

Me       Giving IS exciting! What are you planning to buy for her?

Cate     A hamster! She is going to be like, “OMG this is the best gift ever!”

Me       Um…has she mentioned wanting a hamster?

Cate     Everybody wants a hamster, Mom.

Me        That is not true.

Cate      Are you kidding me? Who wouldn’t want a hamster? I want one.

Me        No, I’m not kidding. Plenty of people do not want a hamster because hamsters require a considerable amount of care and it costs money to buy their food and bedding and other supplies they need.

Cate      Well, Mrs. S probably wants one. She loves animals and we don’t have a class pet so it’s a perfect gift!

Me       Are you going to buy the cage too? And she will need to have all the start up supplies like food, bedding, a water bottle, etc.

Cate      Yes! We will buy all of it! I want to get her everything!

Me       Whose this “we” you speak of? I am giving her a gift card.

Cate     You and me are “we”.

Me      No, I am me and you are you and I am getting her a gift card. You may buy her a hamster and a cage and all the supplies with your own money.

Cate     FINE. I will. So how much do you think it will cost?

Me      I guess about $50 for the hamster all the start up supplies.

Cate     Can I borrow $50?

Me      Nope, but we can get the money out of your bank account!

Cate     Um….maybe we should just get her a gift card. She loves Starbucks.

Maybe next year little fella!

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