Bieber fever - A lesson in being authentic

For as long as I can remember, my friends and family have felt comfortable mocking me or making fun of my taste in food, clothing, music, movies, etc. There was a time when I would feel upset, I shut my trap and pretended to like things that were considered "cool" and made an attempt to dress in the latest fashions. It was painful. Literally and metaphorically. Literally because the clothes and hair stuff and make up made me itch and hurt. Watching movies and shows or listening to music I didn't like was uncomfortable too. Thank God I grew up and stopped being a lame wad. I wear what I want, listen to and watch what I like and if I'm teased for it, so be it. I. AM. HAPPY. So the other day when my daughter blew my mind and mocked me a bit, I decided to teach her a lesson about why her behavior was unacceptable, sucky, rude and wrong.

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