Gaying up your day with the God particle

I do not enjoy arguing. I don’t. But I’ll argue my face off if I’m in the presence of a person using quotes from The Bible to support the argument that gays don’t have the right to marry or that homosexuality is a horrible sin and that God hates “fags.” I HATE even being in the presence of this sort of ignorance, however sometimes it is unavoidable.

Here’s the thing about ignorance, it’s powerful! And it’s a choice. Let me explain.

Recently I was in the unfortunate position to have this “homosexuality is wrong” argument/conversation with someone I care about. I care about this person and choose to respect her choices, religious beliefs and her right to have them. I just don’t agree with them. And if a person makes the choice to initiate a discussion with me about their beliefs, using them to support an argument, they better be prepared to sit for MY opinion – and I might get loud. MIGHT!

When I say that ignorance is a choice, I mean that ignorance is a choice. It’s not complicated.

People choose to think small. It’s safe. THIS is the part of ignorance that I understand. I crave the safety of knowledge myself, that’s why I’m a grad school addict-bookworm. I want to KNOW! So I seek knowledge. Even when the new ideas confuse or scare me, I know that there is power in this knowledge and that reduces my fear.

I believe that it is ignorant to initiate any sort of opinion based conversation unless one is prepared to support their opinions in a rational, respectful, responsible and reliable way. Ignorant people don’t know better. Ignorant people don’t know what’s coming at them when they choose to talk to a person who is knowledgeable about a subject and confident in their ability to discuss it.

I am one of those people who can confidently discuss hot button issues, and one of the issues that makes me literally HOT is the issue of equal rights for homosexuals. I have yet to “lose” and argument with a close minded person when it comes to discussing what God wants, since God never seems to stop in and let us know what God thinks. And the use of religion is the weakest argument of all considering the FACT that no less than 20 different belief systems claim millions of believers.

And please don’t use numbers to support the right-ness of one over the other, because there was a time when everyone believed that the world was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth. Science reveals new things to us every day, and with the incredible access to information we have today, there is really no excuse for ignorance.

I’m not knowledgeable because I spent a decade in college and grad school, I’m knowledgeable because I am on a constant quest for information, strive to understand what I learn, and then integrate that knowledge into my life. And you can bet your ass that I’ll be sharing it with you if you choose to share incomplete, inappropriate and ignorant information with me in a conversational way.

This type of thing has happened in the presence of my children, and they have seen me engage in heated discussion about political views, religious beliefs and social issues. I don’t want to argue, I don’t NEED to win, but I refuse to allow ignorance to influence my kids, therefore making their world a scary and small place. I won’t allow it. I want them to treat others with dignity and kindness, but that doesn’t mean they have to believe something out of fear.

HIGGS-BOSON - bitches! It just might be!

I can’t explain this, or really understand it on a level that would help me to explain how it relates to the book of Genesis, as understood by many who embrace 2000 year old ideas in spite of evidence to the contrary. I just can’t. But I can tell my children that there is power in the accumulation of knowledge and that this knowledge can’t be acquired in a vacuum.

It’s a big time of celebration in the science community, but I also see this Higgs-boson news as a time of celebration for humanity. There is a wonder in knowing that there is so much more to learn, that the big-ness of the universe and the origins of how it came to be can actually help mend the rigid and terrible political and religious arguments that have caused thousands of years of wars, death and destruction among human beings.

If the greatest scientists in the world are gob smacked by a microscopic particle, a teeny-tiny thing that is the basis for the coming together of matter that formed mass, how can ANYONE possibly argue with any semblance of confidence that “God” could possibly be concerning God’s self with one of the multi-trillion variances of the way matter comes together to make life is wrong? HOW? If one of these miraculous variances of matter coming together is blue eyes, how is the variance of homosexuality any different or any less spectacular? HOW?

So as much as I know about the history of the world, religion, politics, blah, blah, toot, toot, all I really know is that it all has merit- until it doesn’t.

And there’s just no argument that can argue THAT.


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  • How very refreshing!

    Happy July 4th!

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    This is wonderfully well written!! I agree with your perspective 100% and have a post of my own similar in topic to this one that I have been working on. I will definitely have to link back to this (with your permission, of course) for my post...I can already see a bit of a rewrite for it :)

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    Brilliant as usual!

  • YES!!!!

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    I have given you The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award!

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    so cool! i gotta get on this

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