Bent on Global Domination

Bent on Global Domination

Tomorrow I will meet up with 40 or so Moms who drink and swear. One is coming from England, a couple from Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Utah and Rhode Island. Holy Crap. I have butterflies, but today I received the email I am posting below. It also gave me butterflies. I am reposting the link to my blog that the author of the email, Jess, is referring to in her message. Please consider giving blood. Please consider giving something else if you can't. Help a bitch if you can.

I joke often on how my goal is world domination. I'm only half kidding. When like-minded people like us are able to parent with humor, common sense and love within a supportive community, there is nothing that can stop us from doing great things. NOTHING.  

Thanks Jess for doing a great thing. Your brave step towards helping others and showing your kids that giving is important. YOU made my year. This IS why I churn out this insanity day after day. Yep. (<------please read in best William Shattner voice).


Dear Nicole,

I've been enjoying your blog for a few months now, and when going through the archives and saw your post on giving blood ("Help a bloody bitch Sunday") recently.  Let me tell you what a complete wuss I am, not so much about needles (fine w/ shots, have two tattoos), but with some medical professional TAKING something vital from my body that I clearly NEED.  Totally irrational phobia, but I've always been that way-used to pass out getting blood tests for anything.  So as a result I've never given blood.  For years I made excuses to not do it, just got inked, I'm too underweight, etc.  Well, I haven't been inked in years, and after having my son I'm definitely not underweight anymore.  But I still couldn't bring myself around to do it.  Until I read that post.  Maybe it was the part about Claire's mom ( I can't and don't want to imagine if that had happened to me, not being able to meet my son would be the worst thing ever).  Or maybe it was just your flat out bluntness (which I'm a big fan of).  I don't know.

Anyway, I finally put on my big girl pants yesterday and I DID IT.  I gave blood at the blood drive on the college campus where I work.  I brought one of my workstudy minions (who also donated) to have someone to give me moral support and/or physical support (in case I passed out) and to keep me from chickening out.  I did almost pass out, but not quite.  And I felt like a stoned zombie for the rest of the day, but I think that's a small price to pay when compared to what the folks who need blood are dealing with.

So that's my story, and I wanted to say thanks for the inspiring kick in the pants that I needed to do something so important.  If I can make it through once, I'm sure I can be brave enough to do it again. 


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    I to love your bluntness! You are a woman after my own heart.

  • thanks for reading. mean that, doll.

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