Independence Week

Saaaaaaaaaaaaweet! I'll be husband and kid free for the weekend. I plan to frolick, EAT MEAT, drink booze, make love out of NOTHING at all, and see if Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon will autograph my gauchos. Like I said in my last blog, festival just draw me in.  Hello Ribfest!

I hope you like the new Chicagonow blog format. I think it's supafly and I'm proud to be allowed here. Great community, lots of stupendous blogs. You can imagine why I would recommend things to support Chicagonow and the Tribune Media group, but I do NOT work for them.

 As always, I'll keep sharing stuff that's relevant to OUR community, however this particular venue allows me to have more exposure to things that will and do interest folkses like us.

Please read the About, FAQ and get caught up on some old blogs. Most certainly if you are new, do that. Do it. Do it do it do it. I'll be selecting blogs, info, websites, suggesting ways to re-arrange furniture to make more room for activities, and such and so forth on a weekly basis in Nik's Weekly Picks. I want to keep it fresh. I DO READ YOUR EMAIL and take your suggestions but it might not be in your time frame.

 Not sorry. Be patient or go away. The butthurt affects you more than me. If you feel ignored and get your panties in a bunch over some perceived slight, then you misunderstand my role.  Blogging isn't a lucrative biznass, people, I do this for pennies. This is a nacho blog. Not yo blog. My blog.

The right rail (as the tech nerds call it) is over there -------------------->. See it? There ---------------------->>>.

I've chosen to follow Uncle Ben's advice and get the word out for other writers, charities and whatnot and so forth and thereto. I like knowing that my blog gets some good exposure for organizations that can benefit from a shout out. The right rail is the place

During the month of July, I will be asking/informing/flipping my lid about the Crossfit/MWDAS fundraiser on July 16th AND a toy drive project for Hope Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn being done by Bugs Pals and the 51st Midwest Garrison. Help us. If you have a small business and want to be involved, read the FAQ's and email me. Doy.

At the risk of sounding weepy and redundant, I want to thank you for following my blog and Facebook page. I can't tell you how many times the laughter has brought me out of the dark and twisty place. It is truly a gift in my life to have this incredible opportunity to connect with other like minded parents and do great things together.


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