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My life has been a series of stumbled upon experiences, a recent one being this blog thing. I like blogging but I could quit tomorrow without looking back. I've stumbled upon the realization that I get more out of reading other people's blogs than I do writing my own. I'm going through a phase of severe parenting blog stalking. For a blabbermouth, I'm often rendered speechless by some of the stuff I read.

Recently I have been stalking the Daddy blogs. I was very close to my father. I have a letter that he wrote to me when I was in my early 20's. I think if my house was burning down, this letter would be the only material possession for which I would risk 3rd degree burns. It's so beautiful, so personal and when I read it I can hear him speaking the words. He's been dead 8 years. Sometimes it feels like he was only a dream.

I wish my dad was around because I have so many things that I want to ask him. He was fiercely protective, confident and optimistic. I think it would be so much fun to hear him talk about parenting a freak like me. He was incredibly articulate and always made his opinions known. What would a blog written by Jack Sr. have looked like? I think a lot like the blog called "Daddy knows Less," but with more swearing and talk about grilling, marinating meat and bourbon. I'd link it but I forgot how and I'm too lazy to call Jimmy. Just Google it.

I suppose it's harder for men who are still considered second class citizens when it comes to parenting. So much of the information on parenting is mom-focused. These daddy bloggers intrigue me. I'm fascinated. At the risk of once again pissing off some over-sensitive mommy blogger who is seeking fame and fortune, I have found that we could all learn a thing or 10 from these penis people. Some of my favorite mommy bloggers have turned into sell outs that are about as real as Pamela Anderson's tits.

My freak flag flies high and I encourage everyone in my life to embrace who they are. I like stalking the blogosphere. I have a few people I'm keeping my eyeballs on because they fascinate me. Anytime I find a writer that provokes a strong reaction in me, I know that I'm being offered an opportunity to open my mind and grow as a human. Whether I agree or disagree with what I'm reading matters less than if I'm being forced outside my comfort zone and triggered to think!

Because I stumbled into blogging, I find myself at a loss when trying to respond to fellow bloggers when they ask me how to increase their fan base or what I've done to get a large following. The only thing I DO know is that my bullshit radar is ultra-sensitive. I've been journaling and writing for myself for my entire life. If I died tomorrow and a bunch of strangers read my stuff, it would be no different than the blather I send out into cyberspace. I write what I feel, when I feel like it and that's what I do.

Write with your heart, not your head. Share who you are, not who you wish you could be or who you think your readers would like. Don't sell out. Learn from other writers but don't try to be them.

If it's work then you are doing it wrong.

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    There's the link to Daddy Knows Less in case anyone wants to check it out! I love your shit! So related! Thanks for keeping me laughing!

  • Well, yeah, that. Plus show photos of your tits. That gets me page views every time!

  • Great advice. And your Dad sounds like an amazing person.

  • I was a stay at home dad from about my oldest turning one until my youngest hit school, all in all, about 7 years (while also working from home as a consultant).

    I often wanted to write a blog, because being a stay at home dad was a strange experience. The moms you don't know tend to completely discount you as incompetent and say "its nice your babysitting". The moms you get to know well are typically in awe, and seem to get immensely pissed off that their husbands don't do so much.

    It was a great time and a terrible time all at once, I had to work as my families sole income provider out of the house at the same time, so I didn't get much sleep over that era.

  • I think I might be doing it wrong then. :( By the way, I think it's great that some men can/choose to be stay-at-home dads.... I'm all for SOMEONE doing it.

  • Agree with Two

  • I wish there were a few million of you...

  • Nikki- Thanks for not being afraid to express yourself. I have a man who writes a blog. It's mostly a daddy blog, but he writes about other things, too. He's a very introspective and honest writer. He's also the greatest man I've ever met, so I might be a bit biased. Either way, he's a fan of yours, too. His blog is on fb it's called From the Bungalow. His name is Christopher. If you have time (and I say if, because I know you have better things to do), check him out. Peace.

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  • I'll have you know I live nowhere near Chicago, but I signed up for this asshole newspaper so I could comment.
    You? Are awesome. Seriously... that's what I love about you. I get so sick of reading the floofy blogs about life being so wonderful and great all the time. You are so doing it right. Keep on keepin' on!

  • Thanks for the shout out and the kind words! I couldn't imagine a nicer compliment. You can find me here or on facebook:

  • In reply to jdmannato:

    just love following you. i do. i'm going to really enjoy seeing your daughter grow through your observations and watching you grow as a parent. it's fun not to have to go through it alone.

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