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Just last week, I escaped in my jammies to catch a late showing of "Bridesmaids," alone. Well, technically there were other people in the theatre, but I'm talking about not having a friend of a family member with me. I adore movies. See photo below and you can vicariously enjoy my refreshments. I'm a sneaky one and I don't care to share my Hot Tamales with anyone. Ever.

Tonight I have the privilege of hanging out at the Original Mother's bar on Division St. with the guys from Cinema Jaw to talk about Moms in film. They asked me to select some of my favorite Moms with "attitude." I was initially overwhelmed by the request to narrow the selection down to 5. It's like asking a foodie to pick a favorite food, impossible, yet I must because just as movies have a beginning and an end, my time with Matt and Ry will be limited.

I can tell you that my favorite movie mom of all time is Aurora Greenway from "Terms of Endearment." That movie rocks my soul. Even before I became mother, I felt connected to the character of Aurora. Here's the scene that truly KILLS with truth with regard to the complexity of the mother/child relationship:

Aurora: I just don't want to fight anymore.

Emma: What do you mean? When do we fight?

Aurora: WHEN do we FIGHT? I always think of us as fighting.

Emma: That's because you're never satisfied with me.

That scene still resonates with me. I can relate to it as a parent who struggles to find balance in my relationships with my children but also as an adult who is still processing my own childhood relationships with my parents. It's all a matter of perspective.

I am fully aware that movies are in fact dramatizations of real life. That much I understand, however every story is spun from a person's real life interpretation of events in life. I am drawn to stories because I want to learn more about life. I want to be better. I want to live an intense and authentic life. Sometimes an "Ah-Ha" moment takes place in the darkness of the theatre, when I can identify with the struggles of a particular character.

I used to want Demi Moore's wardrobe in "About Last Night." Now I crave the strength and the passion of Aurora Greenway as she screams at the nurses because the one thing she CAN do for her dying and long suffering daughter is to help her stop being in physical pain. Mom or not, a person who isn't moved to the ugly cry during that scene has no heart.

Movies can make us better but only if we can relate to the characters and the story. How unbelievably cool for me that my stumbled into career as a blogger has led me to places and people that have made me better. Cinematic Empathy has also made me better.

From Mary Tyler Moore's portrayal of the icy, bitter Beth Jarrett, to the precocious and wise Juno MacGuff, who is one of the most loving and unselfish mothers ever to grace the silver screen, I've got my work cut out for me trying to select just 5 "Movie Moms with Attitude."

Wish me luck.

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  • Sounds like fun! I haven't been to Mother's since my bachelorette party, night on the town hittin'up all of Division St. back in the early 90's.
    I remember seeing "Terms Of Endearment" in the theater when it came out. I was a teenager. I went with a girlfriend and her parents. Thank God her mom brought tissues. Even at that age we were crying like babies! I watch it every time it's on.

    Another favorite of mine is "Mask" with Cher. Not the most conservative of mothers but she was all for her kid. Ass kickin' biker chick to boot!

    Sally Field in "Not Without My Daughter" too.

    Ok, sorry, jumping in on your thang. I love 'em too, movies I mean. Have fun and make sure you tell us how it went!!!

  • We just saw Bridesmaids as well, and it exactly the kind of movie I needed this week. We snuck in Blizzards from DQ, past the uptight weasel who runs the joint. When the movie had a maintenance snag, I'll admit I started to sweat a little. As did the two blizzards resting precariously in my flat bottomed purse. ((whistling))

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