Au revoir, Oprah.

As a therapist I used to loathe Oprah. I'd be sitting with the parent of a kid client and they would rattle off some random fact they learned by watching Oprah. Really? I went to graduate school, had worked with many, many children and was receiving great continuing education and top notch clinical supervision and they were getting most of their advice from OPRAH? Yeah, I know. She's damn good.

Although I've never been a consistent fan of daytime television, I'd have to be hiding under a rock not to know the impact this incredible woman has had on millions of people. The way we (I include myself in this group of WE) get our information today is quick and dirty. Newspapers are struggling, the online books are taking over yet television is going strong. Oprah on the other hand is checking out. Will her network be as powerful of a medium as her unique and charismatic daytime television show? Time will tell.

Years ago a friend told me that Oprah was having a "sex show." Whoo hoo! Now I'm listening. A show about sex, count me in! I sat there listening carefully as sexperts talked about enhancing your sex life and giving specific advice. I TOOK NOTES! After being married for umpteen years I can tell you that me and the hubs were in a slump.

The sexpert made a diagram; front and back of the body. The assignment was to put your favorite places to be touched during foreplay in numerical order. GENIUS. I made my husband do it and by "it" I mean draw the diagram and fill it out. He wanted to get laid so of course he cooperated with my shenanigans. I drew a big fat ass on myself and made my eyes crossed but although we joked around, I was amazed at how much we didn't know about what each other liked in the sack.

By the time I saw Oprah's sex show, I had already fallen under her spell as a reader of her magazine and book club suggestions. I don't always agree with her and in my opinion she got way too far away from regular folks to focus on celebrities but I admired her for her passion and as a voracious reader I was grateful for her suggestions.

She wanted to educate people so she selected charismatic and brilliant people (Dr. OZ, Dr. Phil, Susie Orman) to teach us regular folk some important stuff in a way that we could understand it AND apply it to our lives. She wanted people to love reading but she recognized that she needed to do more to get people the information they wouldn't get otherwise.

My smug, know it all attitude was pitiful. I'm glad my clients were tuning into Oprah because not everybody is going to take the time to examine the validity of a government funded study on vaccination safety or childhood obesity. Her staff did the legwork but her PASSION laid the groundwork. Will there ever be another person who has such an impact on the demographic that is mostly responsible for creating and civilizing humans? I highly doubt it.

Au revior, Oprah! You done good . Your passion inspired me and you humbled me with your ability to reach the world of people that I mistakenly thought should and could only benefit from the professionals. You are a professional human.


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  • "Her staff did the legwork but her PASSION laid the groundwork." I hadn't heard anyone put it that way before. Excellent.

    I'd kiss your cheek, Nikki. Besides, what's a tall, fit, talented, sexy black man like Usher got that I don't have?... Ugh, I think I'll eat some Pop Tarts now.

  • In reply to chachmcgee:

    thanks, chris. hearts!

  • In reply to chachmcgee:

    Hell yeah. I love Oprah. My best friend and I used to come home from school and watch her while eating chocolate chip cookie dough straight outta the tube! Good times. She's an incredible woman and she will be missed on tv.

  • I also think that Oprah has done an outstanding job of taking Child Sexual Abuse and brought it into the public eye and has kept it there. Her shows on CSA awareness, prevention and education were never a one shot -now lets move on approach. She continued to talk about it over the years and I am sure there are many, many people who sought help either for themselves or for a child who was being abused - after watching her shows. People were paying attention and everytime a show on CSA would air, I would get emails and calls about it. As a chidl safety educator, I will be forever grateful for her efforts and I am not sure there will be anyone who took CSA awareness to the level that she did. Thank you Oprah!

  • In reply to SavvyParents:

    she did "taboo" topics well. i agree with you, savvy. my life changed early in my career when i was exposed to the reality of childhood sexual abuse and it's impact on children. knowledge is power and PREVENTION.

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