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I've been asked by this organization that organizes writing stuff and does contests and whatnot to describe why my blog/ fan base continues to grow. I hate having to think this stuff through and have procrastinated to the point that if I don't hurry up and return the survey then I won't be considered for the contest and I don't give a rat's ass about winning. I've already won. I win every day when you laugh with me, at me and make friends through MWDAS. It's tri-winning.

I'm sitting here feeling paralyzed. I lack the ability to crank out some bullshit about why I'm awesome. I feel like most women my age feel who are juggling different roles and responsibilities. When I get compliments on my blog, cool emails from fans or someone reminds me that my Facebook fan numbers are increasing I just want to crawl under the massive pile of dirty laundry and nap. It's not that I don't like who I am. I like me. I'd for sure be friends with me if I wasn't me. I'm just trying to make it into something that matters. This is about us. I win because I write for you and we are being heard.

I didn't realize how much better I would feel everyday if I was honest about my own sense of frustration and the next best surprise was that the same thing happened for you. It's just an uncomfortable and very inauthentic feeling when people give me credit for just being who I am which is just a much less filtered and more potty mouthed version of you. The numbers go up without ads or "recruiting" because you made a choice to let go of the fantasy that growing up would give you more control in your life and now we snuggle up together in the real world of our chaotic and unpredictable lives knowing we aren't alone.

While I continue to entertain you with random observations and nonsense I am hoping that MWDAS Illinois will continue to come together as a model for what these numbers can actually mean for us. Why did I trademark and copyright this shit? Change happens when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain and fear associated with change. I used to compare myself with other parents and focus on how I was failing. I changed. I'm going to succeed by making a difference and I need you to do it with me.

I'm sitting on TOP of dirty laundry writing this blog. Below are links to some of my old favorites on the old site. Please keep the emails coming and thanks for your patience while I get this Chicagonow site loaded with the information I want to share that supports the mission of US.





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  • Keep tellin' it like it is, Nikki! Shout it from the top of your laundry pile. You deserve the credit you're receiving because you're authentic. You're a phucking rock-star, not because of your blog, but because you're real and you've got the balls to talk about real parenting issues. You're humble and introspective. Your posts show your vulnerability and humor. Much love to you, lady!

    Proud Partner of a Mom Who Drinks and Swears

  • "Change happens when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain and fear associated with change."

    The most powerful thing ever said to me was "Will you really feel worse walking away from this relationship than you do in it?" - and I see that as a variant on your comment. So true, Nikki, and as always, so insightful.

  • As a dude, I really have been ignorant of this open hostility between "Pearl Clutching Bitches Who Try To Act Like June Cleaver" and other Moms. I never knew this existed, ever.

    This hostility is one thing I've learned from MWDAS, and is also one reason why this blog is informative to both Moms and dudes.

    I guess a dude equivalent would be something like dudes hating on somebody like Spencer Pratt because he's clearly a douchebag dingbat but still was able to pull a hot wife. Damn, what a douchebag that guy.

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