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My husband nearly missed the birth of our first born because he went home to let our dog outside. Mona was our first "baby," a beagle mix rescue with seizures and severe separation anxiety. When I was pregnant I secretly worried that I couldn't love the baby as much as I loved my Mona.

My son's first word was Mona and she snacked on his diapers whenever she had the opportunity. He was motivated to crawl by his urge to eat her tail. Our skittish rescue dog with "issues" surprised us by tolerating the poking and prodding from a curious toddler with licks and snuggles. Our family loves animals so we really love Let's Help Animals or LHA. [http://www.letshelpanimals.org/](http://www.letshelpanimals.org/)

In 2009 we spent $156 Billion shopping online. The Humane Society of the United States estimates in that same time, about 4 million cats and dogs were euthanized - about one every 8 seconds. LHA seeks to harness the power of animal lovers, and see what difference can be made by simply using this site as our starting point to shopping.

It's just that easy. It's just that easy. It's just that easy yet the hard part is REMEMBERING to use LHA as your starting point. I can tell you from personal experience that integrating charitable contributions to your daily life is much easier than you think.

Please add LHA to your favorites. Please make a habit of making LHA as much a part of your internet shopping, blog reading, and site visiting as any of your other favorites. It's just that easy. IT IS! The season of buying of crap for our pets, kids and ourselves that we NEED is upon us. THIS SITE HAS SO MANY LINKS TO PLACES I KNOW YOU SHOP SO WHY NOT START HERE (this is a rhetorical question)?

LHA was started by a fellow animal lover, Pat McCauley. Pat is an old friend of mine who realized that he could make an impact on the lives of the animals who have suffered abuse and neglect. As he helped me understand just how powerful this method of raising money could be and how easy he had made it for animal lovers to give back, I knew that YOU needed to know about it. This is a cause so close to his life both as a child and an adult. His own rescue dog Maggy had what he calls a "paw" in meeting his wife. He owes it to Mags BIG TIME to give back to her kind because she led him to his future and now he's also parenting a little human.

The Let's Help Animals organizational structure and website is solid. The mission is clear, the site is simple to navigate, and LHA blogs are short yet so poignant. You will want to share them with every animal lover. This site does NOT provoke feelings of guilt, frustration or helplessness. You will be inspired to help and then when you realize just how easy it is to help by doing what you already have to do which is buy the things that you and your family already need, you'll be thanking LHA for stretching your already thin dollars and making them work for the animals that add so much joy to your life.

Animal lovers are a different breed. The heartbreak is real. We want to do more. Let's Help Animals has made this a practical reality. I speak for LHA when I say, "Your welcome," and for the animals when I say, "Woof, Meow," or just bring something dead to you while wagging a pretend tail which is really my gigantic ass.

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  • I do what I can, I have take in numerous shelter animals, and I send all of my old ink cartridges to PetSmart for recycling so the proceeds go to homeless pets. The postage-paid envelops are free behind the checkout at each store, just ask.

  • My husband DID miss the birth of my 4th born when he went home to walk and feed our two rescue dogs. My now-4yo doesn't appear to harbor any resentment, nor has he developed a predictable schedule.

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