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It's all true. Everything you hear about my viper tongued venomous rants, poor spelling and grammar and overall idiot-ness. It's also true that I'm a decent human being despite my faults and that I have ALWAYS used Moms Who Drink and Swear to increase awareness in the mom world about things like autism, juvenile diabetes, turner syndrome, animal welfare, gay rights and many other things. I also try to weave in some information about the amazing organizations and events that raise money and provide services for people who are dealing with conditions, illnesses and whatnot because making a difference is much easier than people think. If each of the MWDAS fans on Facebook decided to give a mere $5 to the same organization today it would mean that over half a million dollars would be spinning strong for a cause.

IT BE FUNDRAISING FRIDAY BITCHES! Friday blogging will always focus on conditions, causes, organizations and events that do good things for the good people who need support. Today I'd like to give props to Little Friends in Naperville, Illinois.

For over 40 years, Little Friends in Naperville has been serving children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. I grew up in Naperville knowing people who benefitted from the amazing services and support of this wonderful organization. As a parent of a child with special needs who has used the services and supportive curriculum offered by the organization I can tell you that Little Friends is SOLID. I could blabber on and on about their Visual Training Systems but I won't. At least not today.

This will be the third year that I participate in the Step Up for Autism Walk held in Naperville. I invite you to participate in any way you can. You can join my team, create your own, sponsor the event or just donate. This year it will be held on Sunday, June 26th in lovely downtown Naperville. Oh how I love me some Naperville. My team is MWDAS IL and our fundraising goal is $3,000.

I'm not going to start dropping statistics about the prevalence of autism or throw down a bunch of sob stories about families who are DESPERATE for education, guidance and services to help them live with autism. You can Google the shit out of that yourself. I am going to tell you that because the crazy MWDAS group exploded in readership I could NOT resist taking the opportunity to use it on occasion to pimp out the causes close my bleeding yet perceived cold heart of mine.

If you are new to MWDAS it might take you time to understand how a chick like me who spins the wonky rants, inappropriate pictures, jokes and links to side splitting LOL stuff ties can even be the same bleeding heart who is frequently blubbering about some animal rights organization, child services organization or international cause needing support. It's not too complicated for the tenderhearted however along with all the MWDAS love and kinship there is the reality of hoity-toity, mean haters who want to feel big and important by slinging nasty talk about my style. I hope they keep it up. It means I'm doing something right. I don't bother with perfection in my delivery. I never will. EVER. I might occasionally spell check. MIGHT.

My message is simple. Love and accept yourself and your family for the imperfect crew of freakshows you are. Find like-minded people. Avoid the pearl clutching judgmental bitchfaces that hurt you and your family. Perfection is an illusion and you MUST follow your heart. Love other people as well. Find YOUR cause! Serve with your time, treasures and talents so that we can all feel good about being who we are.

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  • Yes, I will be on your team. My son is autistic, and I'm happy to support this.


  • Wish so bad I could be there-- may be I can... I will definitely work on it...

  • In reply to DawnieB:

    There is no try..only do. :P

  • In reply to DawnieB:

    @helenlucy123 - yo, beyotch, this is not the place for that crap.

  • We've had this discussion ad nauseum: Walking is bad for you. Trust me, I'm an exercise physiologist. However, since it's for a good cause, I will do something that is bad for me. I will join and walk with you.
    I will also be carrying a flask.

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