You hired Rahm? Have you lost your minds, Atlantic magazine and ABC News?

You hired Rahm?  Have you lost your minds, Atlantic magazine and ABC News?
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Oh, Fourth Estate, each and every day I think you're really trying to become what so many in the country are saying you already are:  an enemy of the people.

And since you recently hired former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to write for your magazine, Atlantic, and comment on the news of the day, ABC News, that really does make you our enemy.  There is no doubt.

Have you lost your minds?

But you're not the only ones who aren't living up to your journalistic ethics. How about the latest little blippety-bloop:  a totally made up Trump quote--made up and shared by a Time Magazine editor.  And boy oh boy, were the minions out there sharing it like crazy.  It was just so believable, the journo said.  He was justifying making up a quote from Trump and circulating it, and letting it go viral because it was just so Trumpian.  (Please, click on the hot link a few lines up--and read about this sick scenario for yourselves.)

As far as I can see, not a pinch, a slap or a firing of this nudnik.  He's defending himself!   At least when some others have circulated false Trump stories, they were disciplined.  Like Brian Ross who sent the stock market crashing when he circulated false, but "believable" information a couple of years ago and it, too, went viral.

Not to mention these formerly solid CNN reporters who got the shaft after the same sort of thing.

But back to Rahm, manipulator and liar--and now a big time journalist with two big media companies:  Why him?  Yes, why him?

I can only speculate.  I noticed someone with a big job and the last name Emanuel on the masthead of The Atlantic.  Could that be a Rahm relative helping out her out-of-work relation?  I searched the internet trying to make a connection but couldn't.  Maybe someone out there can?

His brother, the doctor, who says everyone should die at 75, has written for The Atlantic; in fact, Rahm himself has written pieces for them for a while (I would venture to say they were ghostwritten) as he double-dipped.

Could the agent impresario brother, Ari be brokering deals for his siblings at The Atlantic?

As for the ABC News gig, it probably goes no further than his being George Stephanopoulos' (host of ABC's Good Morning, America during the week and ABC's This Week on Sunday morning) Clintonista twin.   Those of a Clinton feather stick together?

I sure wish these two media outlets, before signing him on would have read two things:  1) my post from January when I figured out that the soon to be out of work Tiny Dancer was looking for a job as a journalist; and 2) these posts from Yours Truly, which lay out so much about him--from his being a lousy little bully as a child to everything else that's wrong with him today--that I wrote before he ran for reelection in 2015.

I tried to dissuade anybody who might do so from choosing Rahm to represent their media companies:  a dreadful state of affairs.  Little did I ever imagine that he'd get TWO jobs in the media.  I laid it all out why Rahm would be a very sick choice.

The most awful fact of all:  concealing the Lacquan McDonald videotape of a Chicago cop shooting 16 times and killing a defenseless teenager--so as not to mar Rahm's reelection in 2015.  The cop who did it is convicted and imprisoned.

But there's so much more out there now.  This very recent article from Real Clear Politics lays out Rahm's dishonesty, his phony background and his greedy business dealings.

Perhaps a viewing of one of Rahm's many, many, many exit interviews should have been in order before signing him on.  ABC and Atlantic, I'm talking to you!  Like this recent one (parts 1 and 2) from that shows him to be a professional fudger on just about every single thing he was asked about.

For example, the first thing he said in the interview was that he, without a doubt, would have won if he'd run this time around.

He would have?  Did he cite a poll?  Any poll?  No.  The fact is, he wouldn't have won.  And he knows it.

That's why he decided to become a journalist.  Instead of running for mayor a third time.

And that's why Trump gets away with calling the media fake.  The United States media has given Rahm Emanuel two jobs.

And so I'll say this.  And I'll say it strictly as a journalist who has been honored with 25 major journalism awards in her career:  Hiring Rahm Emanuel--a known carnival barker and snake oil salesman extraordinaire--to work at your media outlets makes you, ABC News and The Atlantic, an Enemy of the People.

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