If you think Trump's taking away your democracy, you're wrong; it's the democrats who are

If you think Trump's taking away your democracy, you're wrong; it's the democrats who are

The last thing on Trump's mind is taking away your democracy.  He's got enough to worry about. And even if he wanted to take it away, he wouldn't know how.  He's got his tweeting and the hard hearts in China to deal with--and new missiles lobbing out of North Korea to keep him busy.

But it's the very first thing on the minds of the Democrats.

In case you haven't heard, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is developing a blacklist. Against political consultants who dare to help democrats who run against democrat incumbents in the primaries.

You help?  You pay! With your career.  That's their motto.

It's a hefty price.   No more work from us heavy-hitters, they're told, if you buck the establishment.

This, naturally, has created a backlash.  There are even a few consultants who are daring them right back by daring to work for outsiders.  And students at scores of college campuses are crying foul.

AOC is the cause.  She threw everyone for a loop when she came out from behind the bar and beat a reliable long-time incumbent.   She's the troublemaker.  She's scary.  She talks crazy about the world ending in a few short years.  And she wants everything to be free for everyone.  She's got a big mouth and beautiful lips and lots of airtime.

The rich elites who support the democrats are terrified they may have to cough up for all the freebies and they're scared they may have to cough up so much, God only knows what will happen.

It seems like the rich elites are laying down the law to those in charge of getting democrats elected to Congress:  Stifle the outsiders with the crazy ideas.   Make sure no one wants to do their mailings, their fundraising, their scheduling.

Or else.

So in order to keep their own gravy train coming, the neoliberal corporate Democrats are being told to stifle the campaigns of the candidates who have other ways of making the money they need to run--so as not to waste the elites' money.

The corporate elites are going to try and make sure they won't be able to spend the money the outsiders get from the little people.

They don't like it that the outsider candidates don't want to depend on a bunch of phonies who couldn't care less if we have reasonably priced health care, an affordable college education or any of the other basics of life we should all have in the US.   Those who want to maintain their greedy Richie Rich lifestyles.  And that's that.

And the dems who don't like those who run against them are saying, "We'll fix 'em.  Just keep giving to us and we'll make sure they can't get anyone to run their ingrate campaigns."

Which, folks, is a great assault on our democracy.  They don't want nobody nobody sent to run against them.  So they're going to fix it.

And while they're doing this, here's the hilarious thing:  they're on all the shows saying the greatest threat to democracy that ever lived and thrived in this country is Trump.

And to that I say:  Hahaha...haha...hahaha!!!

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