Don't call it antisemitism when it's paranoid schizophrenia

Don't call it antisemitism when it's paranoid schizophrenia
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My dad used to say that in Englewood before the war--all white and ethnic back then--the neighborhood kids used to snicker when the rumors started spreading that Hitler was killing Jews.  "They were kind of happy that he was getting rid of some Jews," my dad used to say, which was his way of explaining why he thought some of the kids in his Chicago neighborhood were stupid idiots.

They didn't kill any Jews but they may have teased the few Jews who lived in Englewood about the Fuhrer who was.  And they may have fantasized about getting even with Jews, who seemed to always do a little better, earn a little more and be a bit more in the know than the majority of the neighborhood.

And they just may have whispered to each other that Jews were known to drink baby's blood.  And that they killed Jesus--even thought he was a Jew, too--their eyes widening and them shrieking like they would at a horror movie.

A lot of kids back in my dad's neighborhood were hateful and antisemitic. They learned it from their parents who talked, perhaps, about the baby's blood, the killing of Jesus and why in the hell the Jews owned all the stores in the neighborhood and were running all the banks in Chicago and.....

They used words like "kike" and "dirty Jew."  Maybe Hebe?  But I'm not sure if that insult was in vogue in Englewood then.

The garage door above is a good example of common antisemitism.  As is the latest from that big dope of an anti-semite, religious leader Louis Farrakhan, calling Jews "termites."   Which is mild compared to the things he usually says.

Some Muslims are antisemitic because they think Jews were unjustifiably given the land of Israel they were driven from very, very, very long ago, among other things, and aren't justified in getting it back now.  From them.

Antisemitism has been around for 6,000 years, at least.  Since the biblical Abraham declared that by cutting off little pieces of each other's penises--which symbolized a covenant with God--that Jews (the men at least) were the Chosen People.  Other people got jealous and resentful, I presume, with claims like that.  And if you read the commentary from God in the bible about the Jews being chosen, it's easy to understand why people developed that resentment.  And the muddled reports from back then as to who killed Jesus (Jews?  Romans?  Or?) didn't help.

Antisemitism has persisted.  It springs from jealousy.  And suspicions about minorities, Jews being perceived as smarter and richer and more shrewd than others.  And the persistent possibility that they killed Jesus keeps living in peoples' minds.

The horrors in Nazi Germany stemmed from the feeling that Jews, a tiny, tiny minority, had everything they wanted in Germany and then some, and the poor Germans had to bring a barrelful of money to the post office to buy a stamp.

The signs my mom used to see in Miami hotels in the 1940s, "No dogs or Jews allowed," stemmed from.....  I don't know.  The idea that Jews killed Jesus, that they were richer and more ostentatious than others; and that they were smarter, too?  "And if they're so smart, let 'em go stay somewhere else.  Who needs them?"

People can be mean just like mean girls can be mean.

Harry Truman's wife (and mother-in-law) would not allow Jews in Harry's home.  And the wasps who ran country clubs wouldn't allow Jews--so Jews decided to start their own in order to golf and swim. This kind of antisemitism stemmed from tribalism and feelings of superiority stemming from feelings of inferiority.  Fear and loathing of "the other," is a big motivator in meanness and lack of understanding.  And antisemitism.

And so it goes.  Jews had years and years (and maybe still do) of not being wanted in the workplace--from law firms to corporate board rooms to the secretarial pool to the retail emporiums.  Tribalism, the motivator.  When a gentile brought someone they wanted to marry into their home who was Jewish, all Hell could break loose.  (And yes, vice versa, too.)

But Hitler, and some of the very misguided souls in Charlottesville, for example, and the recent shooter who killed 11 innocent Jews in a synagogue in Pittsburgh who were in the wrong place at the wrong time were NOT simply antisemitic.  They were paranoid schizophrenics, as well.

The same kind of paranoid schizophrenics who kill African Americans in their churches, people who look like Muslims on the the street, women who they think did them wrong, bosses who laid them off, kids who didn't treat them the way they think they should have been treated.

Paranoid Schizophrenia.  You won't find that specifically in the  latest DSM because the medical profession has determined that effective treatment methods for schizophrenia can be inadequate if they are too specific.

The important thing to keep in mind is that all these insane violent crimes that the press (and everyone else) says are due to "antisemitism" are actually due to severe mental illness--and done during different presidencies in different political climates in different places and for different reasons, the only thing binding them together being mental illness.

Pittsburgh was NOT garden variety prejudice, hatred, suspicion or anything like it.  It was severe mental illness.  The kind that makes someone take a gun or a knife or a bomb or his fists and commit murder.

It does not stem from hating Jews.  Or gays.  Or anyone else.

And while it might seem like there's more antisemitism and more hate crime violence these days, I maintain that anonymous social media opportunists, much better reporting by news outlets and watchdog groups--and a news cycle that needs to keep ringing a commercial cash register 24/7 make it seem like it's worse.

I don't think antisemitism is more pervasive today, no matter how many lists they make saying it is.  In fact, people are getting smarter, less tribal and more intermixed.  It's just seems worse because we are much better people and we don't take it for granted anymore.  It sticks out more.  We don't like it because our consciousness has been raised.

And some of it, I hate to say, maybe a great deal of it, is the result of False Flag phonies trying to make political points.  And win elections.  They're like the stupid kids back in my dad's neighborhood who thought they were pretty clever.  But perhaps were the cunning little Satans of the time.  (Read about a typical False Flag incident here and watch the video, too!)

Calling the horrid shooting in Pittsburgh just plain old antisemitism is a serious mistake.  Because what did it is paranoid schizophrenia, a brain that has gone haywire that cannot think straight.

A person with bizarre ideas who goes out to kill people randomly is not suffering from antisemitism--or anti-anything.  He's suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.  And he belongs in a mental hospital and he belongs on medication to make the symptoms go away.  He needs major medical intervention and major medical treatment.  He needs to get his brain back to normal.  Not held up as an example of antisemitism or what's wrong with "us."

Because what's wrong is with him has nothing to do with antisemitism or us.  Just him, only him, isolated him.

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