Democrat senators: Cease and desist talking about these vile acts and vote on Kavanaugh now because you are making us sick to our stomachs

Democrat senators:   Cease and desist talking about these vile acts and vote on Kavanaugh now because you are making us sick to our stomachs
Dad, 1979, Spring Training, Scottsdale, Arizona

How much more filthy, dirty, vile talk do we have to be subjected to, day after day after day?  We, who pay your salaries, are sick to our stomachs having to listen to tales of drunken teenage gang rapes, hands down your pants, hands over your mouth that seem to want to kill you, penises in your face, yearbooks with code about disrespected girls, girls who were drugged and drunk, and so much more.

While you sinister suck-ups wring your hands with phony outrage across your faces, while you smile inside because of your rotten little scheme to flip your house, while you scream out for "justice," we have to sit here watching your dirty little show.  And we hate it.

And it isn't even working.  Polls show Trump's numbers are up and surveys show we abused citizens want this lousiness out of the news.  And a ninth person on the Court.  Pronto.

Stop it because we all want to throw up.  And if we could, we'd do it on you. We pay your salaries and we don't want X-rated crap coming from you anymore.  Keep it to yourselves and vote no, but keep it to yourselves.

We want you to be G-rated.  Got that?

We want talk of single-payer, minimum wage raises, affordable college, global warming, trade and more job growth.  And getting the money from Wall Street, Big Pharma, arms manufacturers and big corporations who throw their weight around out of your pockets.

And in this case, we want talk of differing views of the constitution.  And nothing more.

We don't want partisan lawyers marching around, smugness oozing from their eyeballs, who represent porn stars; you know...the type of porn stars who gave these idiotic young boys these vile ideas to begin with and whose lawyer now represents the little flowers who hung out with the type of guys who fed them grain alcohol and Hawaiin punch and took turns doing you know what with them.

I guess.  Although, they won't be coming around for a coupla days to tell us their cute little stories, now, will they?  That's what their lawyer says.

And we don't want lawyers who host fundraisers for democrat senators one day, and the next day bolster their client who is supposedly going to come in after 36 years to talk to you about how she was practically raped by a guy, but impaired enough not to remember anything else.

Oh, and speaking of Hawaii, we don't need one of your senators telling us that all men need to just get out because they're all...... all what?  If she'd said that three years ago when my father was still alive (she would have been including him at that time), I'd challenge her to a duel to defend his honor because my father was the gentlest, kindest, smartest daddy a girl could have.  And he fought like the devil in World War 2, in the battle of the bulge and he liberated a concentration camp in Germany and met the Russians after that and saved us from Nazis.  And you would never want him out of anything, missy, because he was great.

And you know what?  There are a lot of men who are just as great who are alive today.  So maybe I will challenge you to a duel to defend their honor.

So vote already, you potty mouth bums.  We're waiting.  Put your filthy minds on something else.  Or do you just want to be salacious creeps forever?


Post-script:  For those of you who read my blog, you know I always back everything up with lots of hot links.  Not this time, though.  Believe me, everything I refer to here is true.  And if you haven't read it all, you are so lucky.  Don't start.  I will put ONE link here, though.  The post I wrote on Memorial Day, a few months after my dad died, the post I wrote to honor a man that everyone loved to be around because, like I said, he was great.

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