What exactly is a "Working Family" and why does everyone want to help them?

What exactly is a "Working Family" and why does everyone want to help them?

I can’t figure out why the politicians keep saying they want to help working families. Why do working families need help?

If they’re working.

The platitudes keep coming: “We stand with working families…. We help working families…. Working families need our help…. Working families, working families, working families….”

Don’t non-working families need help more? Why do working families need help at all?

And what exactly is a working family?  There's a small progressive political party with that name in some states.  Their logo is above.

Is a working family a family where mom, dad and the kids all work?  If so, why help them?  Any family with multiple salaries coming in should be able to make it without any help, right?

If everyone’s working in a family, what kind of help do the they need?

Discounts? Coupons? A free month every now and then on their mortgage? Free babysitting? Free dessert at the food emporium of their choice? A free trip to Disney World? Tickets for only $25 to Hamilton?

Shouldn’t non-working families be the ones we help?  With money, health care and affordable housing?

What exactly do working families need? I don’t get it.

And what if you aren’t a family at all, working or not? Are you chopped liver, as they say? If you’re single, or just a couple who has no children, or an orphan in foster care, how come working families are the priority? And not you?

Who helps non-working families? And working singles?

None of the politicians want to help, it seems. Only working families.

So what’s the definition of a working family?  Here's one.  What do you make of it?

I just got an email from Mayor Rahm that says he stands with working families.

Rahm’s email made the point, though, that while he stands with working families, he’s against the recent labor case to come down from the Supremes that said one can’t be compelled to pay union dues. Only those who want to will now pay dues to the union.

Woo! Lightbulb moment! Is a union family a working family? Is that the code? And if so, how many members of the working family have to be working? And union members?

An awful lot of union dues has been handed over to political candidates (like Rahm) through the years. And not to basic union benefits that working families have a right to enjoy via their union dues.

And rightfully, some union members don’t like their dues helping political candidates they don’t like. They want their dues to go for their own needs.

Maybe the reason working (read: union) families need our help is because too much of their hard-earned cash—until now—was going for political activity via their unions and not to their own needs?

So, here’s the big question: Do the politicians have to make up for that by helping working (union) families? Is that the deal?

Maybe buying politicians with the dues money does help.  Like in Rahm’s case, for example, he gives the taxpayer-funded TIF money to politically connected builders to keep cranes in the air and union pipe fitters, plumbers and electricians in the money.

If so, "working family” may signify a new form of discrimination. Not only does it imply the need for a family where mom, dad and the kids all have to work, but also the necessity of dues-paying union membership for those family members, too—in order to get the help.

“You pay the union, they pay us! And we’ll stand with you! And help you, too. You scratch our back….”

But for the rest of the population who needs help…nothing?

So if you are feeling left out and helpless, go out and acquire a family that belongs to a union--and make sure they all continue to pay their dues.

Or start a union dues-paying family of your own.

Otherwise, if you need help, don’t ask.

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