Ok, so in my old age I'm a big crab and here are six things I'm crabby about right now (and yes, one has to do with Rahm)

Ok, so in my old age I'm a big crab and here are six things I'm crabby about right now (and yes, one has to do with Rahm)

1) Only a bully kicks someone when he's down.  And Rahm, as we know, is a bully.

Ok, so Joe Berrios was corrupt, ungracious  and an idiot (he once signed my nominating petition for judge "Donald Duck" because he thought that was hilarious).  But let's face it, he's a goner.  Not only will he not be the Cook County assessor anymore, he also couldn't save his daughter's political career in the Illinois state legislature when her constituents decided they'd had enough a few years ago.   And he's more than likely out as Cook County dem party chairman, too.

So what do I get in the mail two days after Berrios' political demise from Rahm the Vulture?  A form letter implying that the Mayor of Chicago is the one to thank for getting Springfield to raise the Cook County Homeowners Exemption, the Senior Exemption and the threshold for the Senior Freeze. As this Chicago Tribune article explains, we have Berrios to thank for upping the savings vis a vis these taxpayer benefits, which are administered by the assessor's office.  Rahm isn't even mentioned.  Berrios deserves the credit, even if he no longer deserves the job.

2) I used to hate CTA riders' earphones, but now I hate it that they're gone. 

Oh, the tinny, screeching, irritating and annoying sounds that used to emanate from everyone's earphones on CTA buses and trains.  It's stopped for the most part, though, because now the tinny, screeching, irritating and annoying sounds are coming out loud and clear from the phones themselves. For some reason, few people wear their earphones anymore. They just play their crappy music and asinine videos loud and clear for all the other passengers to hear.

And wearing my own earphones while listening to everything from Billy Joel to Wagner and Beyonce to Copland can't even drown them out.  Can't they pass an ordinance prohibiting the sound of music and video from an earphoneless phone?  (Rahm, you could take credit for it!!!)

3) What the heck's wrong with the feminists these days?  They're talking crazy.   

I never imagined anything topping Gloria Steinem's comment back in February, 2016, that young women were working for Bernie Sanders' campaign (and not Hillary's) so they could "meet boys."  Or Madeleine Albright's comment at the same time that there was "a special place in hell" for women who didn't support Hillary Clinton.

But taking the cake these days is Hillary herself.  She recently came up with reason number 57 (I chronicled the other 56 here) as to why she lost the election.  During a visit to India she said the latest reason she lost the election is because white men didn't like her, and in turn, white women didn't vote for her because  they lacked minds of their own and voted the way their husbands, bosses and sons wanted them to.  So much for feminism these days, and individual choice and preference.

Although I was fooled back in 1993, that's for sure, when I wrote this.

4) She's out of paper and pencils and begging for money for more--and she wants to be in Congress?

I get about 1,000 emails a day from politicians, from Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and everyone on down begging me for just a $1 to keep the planet spinning--or to take out some bum who happens to be a Republican.  "Just send one dollar," they say, and we will save the world for YOU."

Well, in this just past election, I got lots of emails from a democrat named Kelly Mazeski (whose district I'm not even in).  She was out to beat a bunch of primary contenders in the suburbs for the opportunity to run against the incumbent US Rep. and Republican Peter Roskam.

One of her emails was truly unbelievable.  Two, in fact.  They explained that her "supply closet" was bare and she needed money for paper and pens.

My feeling about this?  Get some cash out of your purse, Kelly, and send a volunteer over to Office Depot.  You'd be surprised how cheap 100 pens and a few reams of paper can be.  She lost--and I have no doubt that the people in her district figured if she can't afford paper and pens so her volunteers can go out and canvass, she doesn't need to represent us in Congress.

She also could have asked her volunteers to bring a pen and a few sheets of paper with them when coming to the campaign office.  Better yet, tell them to bring their iPhones--and get an app that can be used for a true 21st century canvass of a precinct.

5) Marie Newman, we hardly knew ya, and it's a good thing we found out the bad stuff before it was too late.

So she primaried a fellow Democrat because he acted like a Republican because he didn't like abortion and government mandated health care and she was doing pretty good until...........................!  YIKES!

Turns out she'd been in the restaurant business with a great big crook.  A convicted felon, in fact, who did a very bad thing, which you can read about here.

6) Why was it so darn hard getting the details about when and where the "March for Our Lives" was going to be held in Chicago?

First, there was no information at all.  Would there be a march in Chicago? Or not?  Then they said there would be one--but no one knew where.

Then everyone knew where but everyone said something different about where:  Maggie Daley Park?  Well, even on a good day, you can't move around in there what with the rock climbing, the skate ribbon, the playground equipment that covers every square foot, the bridges and the hills and other things to slow you down.  Not to mention the light fixtures that look like pick-up-styx.  And all the kids.

Or would it just be at good old Grant Park?  Or somewhere out in the 'burbs? Or?

Finally everyone seemed to find out that it would be at Union Park at Ashland, Lake and Ogden.  Would there be an actual march or just a rally?  No one knew.  But there turned out to be a march, that went for a few blocks over to Racine and back.  But a lot of people I know who were there didn't even know there was a march; they thought it was just a rally because the march part started so late.  And they got cold or had to go to the bathroom and left.

The March for Our Lives was a good idea--but next time, ALL the logistics have to be set in stone. From the start.  On day one.

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