Two things that really drive me crazy about the new tax bill: bums and elitists

Two things that really drive me crazy about the new tax bill:  bums and elitists

No one seems to know the effects of the new tax bill, not even those who passed it. But there are two things about it that I know and can't stand already:  a bunch of bums who are getting bonuses.  And a bunch of ungrateful elitists who can't see the obvious.

What bums am I talking about?  Out of a list of those who are getting big bonuses from their bosses, two strike me as atrocious:  Comcast employees.  And AT&T employees.

Two of the companies with the most phony, dishonest and unhelpful people working for them in this country.  They should be fined.  Not given extra cash.  Whatever problem I have ever had with my cable or my phone/internet--from a malfunction to incorrect billing--I have been dissed, lied to and dismissed.

You, too?

Hey, how about giving the savings to us consumers?  We deserve it.  Our bills are way too high and your service is way too low.

ComEd, to their credit, is doing just that.  Passing a little bit of their savings on to their customers.  That's the decent thing to do.  We can spend the extra cash the same way the employees can--and get the money circulating in the US economy.

The other thing I can't stand are rich elitists who talk about how terrible it is that they will be paying less taxes.  That they'll have more money in their bank account.  They laugh and sneer and hate that they'll be all the richer.

I have the perfect idea for people like Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black who recently dished about this terrible situation.  I can help them solve their problem.

Pass that extra money on to a worthy not-for-profit.  Or the charity of your choice.  Or whatever disadvantaged group you think will be hurt by less money going to the government--and not made up for with deficit spending.

Give it to them.

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