A city trash can does not belong on top of a city tree well

A city trash can does not belong on top of a city tree well
This is good. The can is on the concrete.

Why would anyone put a trash can atop a tree well?

That's the question that kept me sleepless on Friday night.  Until I finally called 311 at 7AM on Saturday to ask the same question.  I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I think the two 311 people I talked to felt the same way.  A city trash can does not belong on a city tree well.  They tried to hook me up with someone who could do something about it from streets and san--but the number didn't answer and they said I'd have to wait until Tuesday.

But about an hour later the can was on the sidewalk.  Could those 311 people have pulled some quick strings?

Nope--late that night before I went to bed, there it was again, atop the tree well.  And that's where it's been ever since.


Not good. Can is on the tree well.

(From time to time, I ask neighborhood gardeners if they'd be so kind as to roll it off the tree well, to protect the tree--and my nerves.  And they've obliged.  But they're only here once a week.)

I like the fact that we have a trash can on the corner.  Emptied at least once a day.  Often twice.  There is a lot of trash that ends up there because it's a minor wind tunnel--and it's nice to have somewhere handy to put it.  But for some reason, the streets and san people think a tree well is a handy place to put a trash can.

This week, I made two calls to streets and san directly.  The two people I talked to were very sympathetic--and understood when I told them it was driving me nuts.  That the tree was crowded and in danger of being physically assaulted by the can itself--and by people throwing garbage in the can.  Not to mention being a sitting duck for whatever people put in trash cans that could make its way inside the tree well.

New Gingko trees were installed a couple of years ago in front of my house in the South Loop.  With nice new rectangular tree wells.  Both of them perk up a stretch of State Street without much to offer esthetically, a stretch that also happens to have the deepest sidewalks I have ever seen on a residential street in Chicago.  Enormous.  There is so much concrete on the sidewalk in front of my house, it isn't even funny.

So why can't they use that enormous expanse of concrete for the cans? Instead of a tree well?

That's what I'm trying to find out.

Postscript:  Friday morning, September 8, 2017....  Left the house this morning and who should be there?  The streets and san truck with a worker outside the truck emptying the trash can.  I asked him to please not put the can back on the tree well.  Pointed out how trash had fallen amidst and atop the well and how much concrete there was on which to place it so that wouldn't happen.  He said he wouldn't put it on the tree well anymore! Here's hoping....

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