John McCain and Bill Maher think exposing embarrassing emails about Democrats is as bad an attack on us as 911

John McCain and Bill Maher think exposing embarrassing emails about Democrats is as bad an attack on us as 911

Republican Arizona senator John McCain--the elderly melanoma victim who sicced Sarah Palin on us because he thought she could be president in the event of his death--thinks the Russian attack on Hillary Clinton emails is as bad as the attack on the US by Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Actually, he said the email hack was worse.

Even relatively intelligent and very liberal talk show host and comedian Bill Maher said recently on his Friday night HBO program that the Clinton campaign email hacks are as bad as 911.  No joke.

These two disparate personalities really think that hacking into DNC emails and John Podesta's emails and WikiLeaks' exposing a bit of corruption regarding the Clinton Foundation, a swirl of cheating by the DNC that screwed Bernie Sanders out of the presidential nomination, and a tad of collusion between the press and the Clinton campaign is just like killing thousands of people by flying two planes into the World Trade Center, a plane into the Pentagon and an attempt to fly a plane into the Capitol Building, which was aborted by a plane full of people who crashed and died anyway.

They think embarrassing Hillary Clinton is as bad as causing people to run for their lives by jumping out of windows at the World Trade Center to get away from an airplane fuel-infused inferno.

That's what they think.  They both said so.

They both think that keeping emails secret that illustrate a lack of dignity at the Clinton campaign is akin to stopping the incineration of thousands of innocent people, who happened to be in the wrong airplanes and in the wrong buildings at the wrong times.

That's how they both think.

Noam Chomsky says the whole world is laughing at us because of the way we're acting over these hacked emails.  And I can certainly see why.

But it's not funny:  the energy we're expending, the money we're spending, the distraction from what really needs doing.

It's all pretty sad.

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