President Trump really IS making America great again even though he doesn't know it yet

President Trump really IS making America great again even though he doesn't know it yet
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Oh how the framers would love this!  The three equal branches of government going at it like there's no tomorrow.  The great American triumvirate:  the Prez, the Congress, the Judiciary.  Oh, woebegone!

America is working again.  The elitists are out; the deplorables are in. And the whole country is watching. Fighting.  Speaking.  Protesting.  Writing. Tweeting.  And calling their leaders in Congress.

Just the way God, K Street and Benjamin Franklin intended.

Donald Trump has gotten America off its keister.  The reality show star has gotten America away from the reality shows and into reality.

Trump is making America great again.

From overzealous anarchists to pink-hatted hotties to mouthy liberal judges, the United States is on the verge of being itself.

Activist.  Compassionate.  Engaged.

The age of the platitude is over.  The age of saying exactly what one means is here.  And doing something about it.

America works when there is dissent.  And the Trump administration is the direct link to same.  People are organizing so fast, so furious and so well--and with such impressive results, even the non-dissenters are in the fight. It's The Golden Age of "we have to do something, honey."

Trump stands firm and hurls insults.  At judges, journalists and jerks.  But he's changing, too.  Walking back.  Relenting.  Changing his mind. Changing his plans.  Like a boxer in a ring, he hits the ropes and keeps coming back for more.  And for that relentlessness, we should be grateful. He's doing his share to make us think about things.  Something we in the US haven't done for a while.    

One protest after the other after the other.  In all the States.  On immigration.  And refugees.  Global warming.  On a cabinet filled with richie riches specifically hired to shut down their agencies.  Abortion and gay rights.   People are even debating the role of The First Lady; because this one would rather be left alone to play cards in the evening with her 10-year-old son.  In New York.

Not to mention the First Son-in-Law as First Advisor.  Something new for a change.

Social media is helping.  And so are lawyers drafting pleadings at a moment's notice.  Disgust, passion  and pity.   It all equals one thing: America The Motivated.  Trump's gotten the lazy teenager that was America off the couch, out of the house and loving his new life.

When a Chicago suburb gets a standing room only wild cheering crowd and huge hoopla because their City Council unanimously votes itself to be a sanctuary city, Donald Trump is doing his job.  And so is the Constitution. And We, the People.

Americans are now obsessed with everything--even Lady Gaga's possible political performance at the Super Bowl.  Will she or won't she?  And when she didn't, people were disappointed--even though she flew through the air with the greatest of ease.  And looked like David Bowie.

There's more angst out there--and exhilaration--than was ever caused by the Viet Nam war, the Iraq Invasion, the landing on the Moon and the Civil Rights movement.  And it hasn't even been three weeks.

Call it the American Renaissance.   

If Hillary were president, she'd be spouting platitudes from a script.  (See her first taped statement here since the inauguration.  Preview:  It didn't say "Stop the Violence in Berkeley" or anything like that.)

Devoid of any spark, but insisting that she get what was coming to her (the Oval Office), her campaign came down to two issues.  Who was the worst sexual predator in America:  her opponent or her husband?  And how did those "damn emails" end up on sex-tweeter-to-underage-girls whilst next to his four-year-old-son Anthony Weiner's computer?

While Trump talked loud about getting manufacturers--and jobs--back, Hillary said the people who wanted their jobs back were Islamaphobic and deplorable.  It didn't work.

Bernie would have beaten him, though.  But the Wikileaks showed us he was cheated out of the chance. Pushed out for blonder pastures.  He debated Ted Cruz last night on CNN about health care--and it was so filled with substance, facts, figures, feelings, arguments, reality and respect for each other, it made me pine for a race between the two of them.  

What a race that would have been!  Or maybe will be!  

But that's another story.  The story now is Donald Trump, and how--by being a dope, a boor, a lout, a loud mouth and a would-be dictator--he's driving everyone to distraction.

At the exact same time, he also happens to be Making America Great Again.

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