With all the Lucas Museum stuff going on these days, there seems to be one big thing missing: Lucas

With all the Lucas Museum stuff going on these days, there seems to be one big thing missing:  Lucas

So where is that guy?  George Lucas?  Are you there?

Friends of the Parks has a number of things it wants to run by you.  They want you to give our city a few things and in return, they may agree to let the city tear down Lakeside Center--an iconic landmark of a McCormick Place building on the Lake--so you can put your Lucas Museum of Narrative Art there.

What do you think of the things they want?  Will you give those things to us? Do you feel generous and giving?  Or do you feel you are already giving enough by bankrolling the museum and donating your personal art collection?

They want five percent of the museum's income to help bankroll Chicago park improvements, George.  And they want you to help flesh out the long-awaited DuSable Park with your own cash.  And they want you to create a nice green space in the Soldier Field parking lot that you originally wanted for your museum--so that families and sports enthusiasts and tailgaters can enjoy it.  Will you throw that stuff in to sweeten the pot so that maybe you can build your legacy?

What do you say?  What does your museum board think?

Where the heck are you?

We haven't heard a peep out of you.  The head of the Park District board, Jesse Ruiz we've heard from.  He called FOTP extortionists.  Which is a hell of a thing--because FOTP wants you to give things to the very city agency whose board he heads:  the Chicago Park District.  He should like what they want you to do because it benefits the Chicago Park District and Chicagoans, whose best interest he is supposed to be looking out for.

So his behavior makes no sense.

Tiny dancer also says no way, Jose about what FOTP wants you to give our city.  Which also makes no sense--because FOTP wants you to give us some extra goodies for the privilege of building here.  What mayor in his right mind turns down extra goodies?

Is it all true?  Have you told Ruiz and Rahm that you won't give those things to us?  If so, why not?  What's wrong with sweetening the pot a little, George?  Are you going to leave Chicago and get your museum built somewhere else?  Do you get the feeling that maybe R and R don't want you around and that they're just faking our city out by pretending to speak on your behalf, thereby turning FOTP and their supporters away so that you'll leave?

Are you nixing everything?  If so, when did you do that?   Do those two represent you?  Why are they doing your talking?  Are they your agents? Are they your best buddies?  Do you like that they speak on your behalf?

It sure seems odd to me that the mayor of Chicago and the president of the Chicago Park District board are nixing extra gifts for their city and for their parks, respectively.  Things that you may want to give our city.  Do you? Those two have a duty to get things for us--and yet they turn down things that you can afford and that you may feel perfectly fine about giving us.

But we have no idea if you're perfectly fine about giving those things to us. You won't come out and say what you're thinking.  Or feeling.  Why don't you tell your board where you're at with all this and have them say something definitive?  Your board can speak for you.  How come they don't?

Are you perfectly fine about giving us that stuff?  If not, why not?  If so, why don't you tell us you are fine with those things?  Or that you'd like to negotiate?  Or that you think FOTP is out of line?

Why not fight mano a mano on your own behalf?  Or have your board negotiate?  Board to board?  How come Rahm and Ruiz do all your talking? Are they telling us the truth about you?  That you think FOTP are extortionists?  That you'll soon be leaving Chicago?

Chicago has a lot of inquiring minds.  And we want to know.

Right now, all we know is that Rahm and Ruiz are turning these things down.  That they're being mean to FOTP.  And not accepting things for us that you may be very willing to give.  And that we deserve to have.

They say that the city and the park district won't even consider taking these things from you.  Are you happy about that?   They should be on our side and encourage you to sweeten the pot in exchange for letting you build your museum on our lakefront, you know.  But they don't say thank you to FOTP for asking for more from you.  They shout at them and they imply that you would like to shout at them, too.

But you don't shout on your own behalf.  You don't even whisper on your own behalf.  Rahm and Ruiz just call FOTP names and say you're hitting the road.

So where are you?  Have you hit the road?  Do you even know that FOTP wants to negotiate a deal and get this whole megillah out of the way?

Maybe you want the case to continue in federal court?  Winner  take all: Either you get to build wherever your heart desires on the lakefront--or you don't.  Do you want the judge to decide your museum's fate here in our fair city?

It's your call, George.  But first things first:  you gotta make a call.

We'll be waiting.  The whole city is waiting.  The judge is waiting.

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