When I saw a Trojan Horse pop up at the Trump Rally, I figured something was a little fishy

When I saw a Trojan Horse pop up at the Trump Rally, I figured something was a little fishy
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I was at the Trump Rally earlier tonight.  And something was fishy.  Got there about 5 and waited in a long line to get in and I said to my friend Dorothy, "It seems like there are a lot of kids in line who look like Bernie supporters."  But then I started seeing a stray Trump button and a t-shirt here and there so I figured everything was kosher.

When we got into the UIC Pavilion, my keys were examined by a male TSA agent.  And my coat pockets and body by a female Secret Service agent.  It took a long time for me to restuff my pockets.  And then, Dorothy and I got a couple of good  seats with a good view.

About a half hour later, there were still some empty seats and  someone came out to the podium and announced that the rally was cancelled and that we should get out.  At least 90 percent of the audience became completely ecstatic and pulled out Bernie signs and shouted "Bernie, "Bernie!"  I told Dorothy I didn't believe a word of the theory floated recently that if Bernie doesn't win the nomination his supporters are going to vote for Trump. No way.

Eventually, after watching the Trojan Horse before us, we went to the ladies' room, where I talked to a woman from Hoffman Estates (who was a legitimate Trump supporter) and we commiserated about the cancellation and shutting down Trump's right to free speech.  Then we left with the crowd.  Tons of protesters were out on South Racine and traffic was blocked as we got to the Blue Line.

"Something's fishy," I told Dorothy.  "Why would they hold this thing near downtown Chicago, on a liberal and very diverse college campus?  They could have had it in Hoffman Estates or a venue in any other homogenous suburb or collar county where Trump would be more welcome."

Why UIC?  Why let the Bernie MoveOn.org people, the UIC community, even Hillary supporters led by U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky and many other Trump non-aficianados have a big happening--instead of a Trump rally somewhere else where it wouldn't have attracted too much attention?

Well, for someone like me who believes that Trump has been in this thing since day 1 for the sake of the Clintons and their much sought after and (perhaps) impending move back to the White House--the master plan being that he suck all the air out  of the Republican side with his wild antics and then Hillary sails in after the debilitation--it made sense. (Bill Clinton did admit to Stephen Colbert that he and Trump talked before the election season started and before Trump signed on to run.  Mr. Clinton, above all, knows what trouble can come from little lies that are so easy to tell--in this case, when some reporter gets hold of those phone records!)

I think the Clintons have had enough and now want to stop Trump.  Maybe tonight was a little manipulated sabotage?  The way this rally was planned drove the narrative that Trump's no good, that he's dangerous and nothing but a lousy troublemaker.  And a Nazi, to boot.   And has no right to speak. Or to have anyone vote for him.  And it's hard to argue with that, the way he's been acting and the things he's been saying.

But things have gotten out of hand.  The Republicans really want Trump. The Clintons' little plan has gone awry.  The crazier and nastier and more wrong and more Fascist Trump gets, the more popular he gets.  Who knew? So now, Trump has to decide:  does he stop being a shill, stick with it and maybe move into the White House himself?


But not if Hillary and Bill decide things have gone too far and it's time to stop the screwball character they have unleashed.  Time for a new narrative about Trump?  Time to put the breaks on Trump so that one of the weaker and less snazzy Republicans can emerge, one that Hillary may find easier to beat now?

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