I can't stand Rahm: to him, Chicago is a mere stepping stone to the next thing

I can't stand Rahm:  to him, Chicago is a mere stepping stone to the next thing
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Have you noticed that our current mayor is buzzing around like an annoying mosquito, a startled bee and a buzz saw all at once?

I sure wish he'd use some of that energy to put new light bulbs into street lights in the South Loop.  That would be accomplishing something real, Mr. Mayor.  Something you haven't done for the last four years.  In fact, that's about the only way you can separate your heading up our city from the way the former mayor did it.

You're borrowing as much, if not more to keep us going--but one thing Mr. Daley knew how to do was change the bulbs in street lights.   One went out, and BOOM!  It was changed.  Not you, though, you're way too busy figuring out ways to lie about your opponent.

Mr. Big Mouth doesn't know what to do first as he strives to get re-elected in his stopover city.  A city he'll be up and out of sometime in the next four years, as many pundits predict.  Like my friend Carol Felsenthal conjectured recently--painting a harrowing picture in a recent post.

Believe me, Chicago, this guy couldn't care less about Chicago.  He is pure ambition, as  Chicago writer Joseph Epstein describes so eloquently, also in a recent post.

No, it wasn't supposed to be like this for little big man, actually having to fight to keep his temp job.  He had it in his mind that he'd get easily re-elected; everybody told him he would.  He figured he'd kick the finances down the road, and the patronage gifts to the wealthy contributors under the rug.  And then say, "So long, suckers!  It was nice  knowin' ya.  And by the way, what I said to Karen Lewis!"

(Fuck You, in case you forgot.)

That was the way it was supposed to be.  But like every journalist in the entire world has said recently:   "Instead, he's fighting for his political life."

And I certainly hope his mayoralty goes off life support.  Nothing is more painful than seeing a city you've lived in for 64 years being crapped on by a crumby little runt who barely even knows he's here because in his mind he's already back in Washington swearing up a storm like the spoiled brat  he is who always gets his way.

So now, he's running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Running to "el" stations to say hello to the peons, running to pull red light cameras down that two weeks ago were saving so many lives, talking crazy during the debate about what he's going to do that he has absolutely NO intention of doing that his campaign staff had to "correct" later, after he'd already said the stuff on camera to all the people--just to get some attention and kudos from the Tribune Editorial Board.  And so on and so forth.

We are witnessing a madman in action.

This bum has absolutely no business being our mayor.  With the help of his high paid political annihilators, he's ruining the fine man who opposes him. Making Jesus "Chuy" Garcia out to be an old school political bum is akin to saying Mother Teresa was a heroin-addicted prostitute.  Absolutely nothing could be farther from the truth.  I would suggest reading up on Chuy before making any decisions--and NOT from Tiny Dancer's pov.

Start with Wikipedia to get the basic framework.  Notice how he beat the "old school political bums?"  And go on from there.  Read his political web page.  You won't find a lie on it.  You'll find straightforward information about every conceivable issue facing the city.

You won't find Chuy Garcia running around chasing his tail.  He's too solid a man for that.  He ain't on his way to Washington or anywhere else.  Like most of the rest of us, he's here in Chicago forever and wants to make sure that the decisions he makes are decisions that have the benefit of a lot of input before he makes them.  He wants to make sure that many ideas are heard before he decides what we do next.  Including the ideas of the alderman and the citizens.  You won't find him making rash decisions to launch him to another career.  We won't be mere stones along the road for a political player who wants to go places at our expense.

If you can't stand Rahm, there's an easy answer:  Vote For Chuy!

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